A major breakthrough in metamaterials can simultaneously enhance and capture light

According to the scientific daily report, a research team at the City University of New York successfully demonstrated how to increase light emission and capture the light emitted from metamaterials embedded in nano-light emitting crystals. The study led by physicist Dr. Vinod Menon has led to a series of applications including ultrafast LED lamps, nanoscale lasers, and effective single photon sources. In the demonstration, the research team used a metamaterial with hyperbolic dispersion to improve the light emission characteristics of nanocrystals, and designed an effective light extraction scheme.

The breakthrough in metamaterials indicates that light characteristics can be manipulated

"Using metamaterials in an optical context means that you can manipulate light and determine the characteristics of the light you want in the media," said photonic expert Prof. Manno, who specializes in nano-scale light-substance interactions. control.

Although other research teams have already shown that they can enhance light emission in such a system, Professor Manno’s own research team has achieved this in the past, but the past results are not very meaningful, mainly because light is not easy. Emitting from such a system makes its practical application problematic. The current study alleviates this problem and has taken the first step towards the development of an actual light emitter based on metamaterials.

"Our research has achieved both enhanced light emission and light extraction," added Professor Manno. His research team also includes doctoral students Tal Galfsky and HNS Krishnamoothy. In addition, the research team also includes scientists from the University of Alberta in Canada and Purdue University in Indiana, USA. Part of the research was conducted at the Functional Nanomaterial Center at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. This article was published in the journal Optics Journal.

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