Analyze infrared waterproof camera product pattern and channel chain

Due to the cost-effective advantages of infrared waterproof cameras and the simple technical structure, a large number of camera manufacturers influx and the homogeneity of the product is currently being created. In order to change the supply and demand situation in the security market, “something is more than a few”, some manufacturers start with software operation interfaces and DSP solutions, refine function buttons, improve humanized operation, enhance picture quality from DSP solutions, and adjust color and high resolution levels. Noise and Other means. While more manufacturers start with external hardware processes, such as aluminum shell thickness, mold process accuracy, surface coating brightness, in order to change the infrared waterproof camera gives the same bright silver shell, the market has also appeared matte black , polishing purple two appearance colors.

When the appearance of the product is relatively close, the requirement for color saturation in a high-resolution environment naturally becomes the preferred factor for distinguishing the quality of infrared waterproof camera products. Domestic infrared waterproof cameras use the largest amount of SONYCCD "three sets" (a CCD aperture and peripheral IC components), Mintone/Hitachi CCD also account for a certain market share, but mainly supply Mintone, Hitachi own brand The use of video cameras and all-in-one machines results in a very small number of distributions. Sharp and LGCCDs are used at the low end, and SONY solutions are generally selected by the large-scale DSP solution manufacturers. Based on this, secondary development is carried out according to the focus of each brand.

In the market, we see that all brands have different performances in real-time and playback quality. If professional color test cards are used to compare color, most brands have different color casts. Some well-known brands have good reputation. Can do lake blue, yellow garcinia close to the original color, but the performance of magenta is pink, light red, reddish-brown, those "three no product" of the workshop products and even each color level can not correspond to the color test card, brightness, contrast Far more distant.

The technology of the infrared waterproof camera is developed from the traditional bolt-in mechanism, maximally reducing the illuminance to 0, and integrating the lens with the main control circuit and the power supply circuit. However, one of its “worries and worries” is that it has a short life span. When it takes too long to record, it will automatically stop. It mainly depends on the general requirements of 24 hours of non-stop shooting, and the LED infrared lamp lighting time requirements are relatively high. In the market, many seemingly brilliant but short-lived infrared waterproof cameras generally use cheap domestic LED infrared lamps, their life up to 2000 hours, while the use of China Taiwan, the United States LED infrared light infrared waterproof camera life up to 8000 hours Therefore, its price is higher than that of domestic LED infrared lamps installed. It is also reasonable if only the pursuit of low cost will affect the reliability and stability of the security monitoring system.

The infrared light emitted and reflected back is a non-visible light of the human eye and can only be captured by the CCD of the aperture chip. Therefore, the key points for identifying the advantages and disadvantages of an excellent infrared waterproof camera are the lens LENS, the aperture chip CCD and Digital signal processor DSP. At present, the high-end lenses on the market are mainly controlled by Japanese manufacturers such as Canon, Camputar, Avenir, Tamron, Pantax, Fujinon, etc. The most widely used infrared cameras are Avenir lenses, domestic Fuzhou Fuguang and Xiamen Liding in the past two years. Market share is also steadily rising. How sensitive the camera, that is, sensitivity is one of the important parameters of infrared night vision system. In addition, the aperture of the lens determines the amount of light passing through the lens. The smaller the f value of the lens, the greater the amount of light passing through and the clearer the display effect. The effect of infrared night vision differs greatly between different f-value lenses, and the infrared distance is also significantly different. If you want to get a better night vision effect, a large aperture lens with a large amount of light is of course the best choice. CCD is a key element of camera quality. Infrared night vision waterproof camera generally adopts 1/3 and 1/4 inch sizes. Professional infrared night vision waterproof camera with a distance of more than 50 meters for road monitoring uses large aperture 1/2 Size, this part of the high-end suppliers to Sony, Sharp, LG also occupy a certain share in the low-end market, Sony CCD is divided into SuperHAD, Exview, SSII, HQI four series, the latter two are 2006 On the market, compared with the former two, SSII and HQI can be described as “super high performance-price ratio series” and “ultra-high quality series” respectively.

As Sony's high-purity silicon purification technology currently belongs to the “monopoly high-end” situation in the chip field, the accuracy of other Japanese and US CCD manufacturers can not be exceeded, in order to maintain the CCD chip price range is not like other electronic products With year-on-year declines, Sony has adopted a “non-volume-based growth” production model, ie, maintaining the original production capacity of the production line. For the sales in China, Sony will provide each year with a certain “K” ratio to the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. , and then this three-party agent decentralized to downstream camera manufacturers. Since the output of infrared waterproof cameras is directly linked to the supply of CCD chips, the annual output of infrared waterproof cameras using Sony CCDs by domestic manufacturers can basically be estimated based on the above “K” number.

DSP processing solutions, different manufacturers have their own characteristics, such as Sony's DSP program is relatively good in the degree of color reproduction, and Canon, Nikon's DSP in fill light mode and focus speed performance is good, in the past two years, some of our camera manufacturers also Constantly develop their own DSP program, laid the foundation for the occupation of low-end market.

Market structure and brand performance Four years ago, the infrared waterproof camera was first successfully developed by Shenzhen Sanchen Technology. This model is based on the traditional bolt machine and incorporates infrared lamp technology, infrared sensing camera technology, and infrared sensor lens technology. Fast access to the market.

Along with it, Hong Tianzhi, Yonghui, Lerong, Xiangfei, Jiaxin Jie, Dongriyin, Deep-Voice, Taishi, Anshijia and other traditional gun brand have rapidly added infrared cameras to their own product lines. The proportion, then, is not only the domestic small and medium-sized factories, even Taiwan-funded camera brands Mintone, Youke, Huiyou, and Hangzhou have all joined in, forming a situation where “the motherland’s mountains and rivers are 'red'”. As of today, the proportion of infrared cameras of various camera manufacturers has almost occupied the momentum of overtaking the main output by 3/4.

The sales performance of infrared waterproof cameras has repeatedly risen, becoming not only the mainstream product for civilian monitoring, but also becoming the main exporter of domestic camera manufacturers. According to report, at present, in the product series that is exported by China's security industry, the largest number of cameras classified is the infrared waterproof camera. He Xiushan, general manager of Chenxi Technology, told the reporter: “Every security exhibition in Dubai and Turkey is very effective. Many times, orders are received directly at the show. Those developing countries such as East Asia and Eastern Europe are following in the footsteps of China. More and more attention to security, and infrared waterproof camera is also a popular security product for them, it is important that the cost is very high, usually an exhibition can receive a few "K" direct orders." Miao Changhui, general manager of KNIDA Technology, stated: “As long as the IR waterproof camera is reliable and the craftsmanship is excellent, it will continue to improve the technical level and R&D strength when it comes to OEM products for foreign customers. Although the camera’s profits have been declining in recent years, Demand is shifting from domestic to foreign. It is not difficult for companies to increase sales by 30% annually." The general manager of Huaxin Eastern International (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Liu Weijun (Weibo) admitted that the competition in the infrared camera industry is not only a competition of costs, but also an integrated competition of management and brand marketing strategies.

Due to the fact that the infrared waterproof camera and conventional camera technology are not mysterious, many traditional camera manufacturers have transformed into infrared waterproof camera manufacturers without major changes in the production line. Therefore, the current production capacity of infrared waterproof cameras is still several years. The former production capacity is inextricably linked, and the capacity of the large plants is between 500 and 800K per month. The capacity of small and medium-sized plants can also be maintained at over 80K. The proportion of infrared waterproof camera manufacturers in China accounts for about 50% of the market, but there are not many companies that have the ability to innovate. Creating their own brands and developing independent research and development capabilities are the major development directions of Chinese companies. The gap between China and foreign outstanding companies is mainly in marketing and design and development capabilities, rather than production capacity.

In addition, infrared waterproof camera manufacturers have a skillful control of the traditional camera DSP program, so do a relatively good job in color reproduction, such as Hong Tianzhi, Yonghui, Xiang Fei, Jiaxin Jie and other brands in the mastery of color It is a great achievement that Kebo, Taishi, and Konida are superior in terms of appearance and craftsmanship. The dual-CCD IR waterproof camera and Array light source IR waterproof camera developed by Lerong and Canonda, respectively, are representative innovations. The work.

Domestic two infrared waterproof cameras are basically distributed in Shenzhen and Zhejiang, and there are many infrared camera manufacturers, accounting for more than half of the total domestic production. However, with the development of safe cities in the country, there are pilot projects or Places for large-scale projects, such as the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo, will increase the demand for infrared cameras. The proportion of demand in North and South China will continue to be flat. Production companies will also take root in Changchun, Beijing, and Tianjin in the north.

The supply of infrared waterproof cameras is increasing step by step year by year. In the first half of the year, it was basically quiet. It began to heat up in May and June, and in the second half of the year, there was a sharp increase in demand and the trend of supply and sales booming. Therefore, during the peak sales season of infrared cameras from September to December, many companies have rushed to launch their own new products at the November Expo. At the end of the year, most infrared camera companies are in the red. The supply of infrared cameras reached in December. The highest point. Due to Sony Sony's varying degrees of supply crisis in 2006, Sony has used a part of the DC production line of CCD in the later stage to directly affect the annual sales performance of infrared waterproof cameras. This phenomenon is expected to occur this year. Stable.

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