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After digging through Frank's house in The House of Cards , it was difficult for me to immerse myself in the world of chairs for some time. After looking back at a few movies and TV shows, I found that there are several chairs with a very high appearance rate. "Easy Chair" (chair) they meet my definition and promotion of the well-being of the family house: on the posture, anything right!

Having said that, no matter how good the design is, you can't buy a rogue. While opening the chair again today, I hope you will be accompanied by a chair and be at ease.

1 Womb Chair / uterine chair

The integrated glass fiber reinforced plastic shell is wrapped in soft cashmere cloth. Sitting down, like the name of the chair, there is a sense of comfort and security that is gently embraced by it, like being in the mother's womb.

It was completed by the famous Finnish architect Eero Saarinen in the 1950s at the invitation of Florence Knoll (the world-renowned furniture design master and chief designer of the US Knoll company) to challenge the traditional furniture concept design.

This powerful visual impact chair has now been developed over time. On the basis of the original cashmere cloth, leather, sponge filling, multiple specifications are available, and the classic shape is suitable for many occasions such as homes, hotels, and cafes.

However, it also has shortcomings. The integral forming of glass fiber reinforced plastic makes it impossible to disassemble, which takes up a large volume of transportation and is not convenient for maintenance.

2 Eames / Eames 670 recliner +671 footstool

Eames's set of seats can be described as a boutique in modern classic design, and even collected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago. Charles and Ray Eames first hand-made this set of seats to their friends, Billy Wilder, director of the films "Enthusiasm" and "Sunset Boulevard", but even in later mass production, they still maintained Handmade concept.

In terms of comfort, this set of seats is great! The 3-segment wrap-around design is similar to an aviation seat. The upper cushion relies on two stamped and formed steel sheets as a connection, which has a certain elasticity and cushioning space. The seat can be rotated and appears smart and suitable.

Compared with Womb Chair's FRP integral molding, Eames 670 can be turned into zero disassembly (this is related to its all-industrial machine manufacturing and standardized parts production), the packaging volume is small, and transportation, installation and maintenance are much more convenient.

3 The Wing Chair / Wing Chair CH445

Danish furniture master Hans J. Wegner is one of the pioneers of furniture design in the 20th century and a leader in modernizing Danish design from the 1950s to the 1960s. His masterpiece The Wing Chair is one of the most famous armchairs and has won many international awards.

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