Bay window protection network standard installation of what kind of Bay window protection material

For most of our home furnishing renovations, we will install such bay windows, not only to enhance the beauty of the home but also to allow us to enjoy the outdoor scenery. Because the bay window will pose a certain risk hazard, so you need to install a protective net, then we come to understand the Bay window protection net standard installation and what kind of Bay window protection net material is good.

Bay window protection net standard installation

1, since you like to install the bay window, then we must for the family and their own safety, to install protective nets, do not give up because the installation of protective nets will affect the appearance of the bay window. By adopting a built-in method, wind and rain can be avoided, resulting in chalking, cracking, and rusting of the protective fence, affecting the service life and aesthetics. When replacing, pay attention to safety, and avoid obvious safety warnings before reinstalling and then accidentally falling.

2, in addition to this floating window inside the installation of protective net there is a protective net outside, not only can effectively protect the safety of family members, but also can be anti-theft, but the exterior needs to ask the property in advance to see whether the cell is allowed to install. Because of some residential areas, considering the overall appearance and the need for anti-theft, the owners are not allowed to do so. If they can, they must pay attention to reservations or escapes.

3, there is a protective net is a steel mesh, this type of steel mesh will be relatively small, generally are more suitable for installation on the window or on the balcony, this style of protective net for us to see the impact of outdoor landscape will be smaller, It is also safer and more effective in preventing crashes.

Which type of window protection net material is good

1. There are several kinds of material made by the bay window, and the practicality of the floating window of different materials will be different. There will be a gap in the price. There is a kind of bay window made of wood. Only the outside of the wood is painted with anti-corrosion material, so even if it is installed in the window, it will not rot. However, such a protective fence is rather monotonous, and its strength is normal. It may be prone to cracking and fading after prolonged use.

2. There is a kind of floating window protection fence with the characteristics of aluminum alloy, it is not easy to rust and anti-corrosion, we are also very convenient when it comes to maintenance, and it is easy to clean. The overall strength of the galvanized bay window barrier is better because the surface is specially processed to form a permanent protective film, so the watch is smooth and flat.

3, stainless steel I believe we understand it is not less than me, stainless steel tone has always been its original silver, will be more single, the style is relatively simple, and the model is not easy to distinguish. What's more, the 202 model stainless steel is also easy to rust. It is only suitable for indoor bay windows and is not suitable for outdoor installation.

Summary: The relevant information on the standard installation of the Bay Window Protection Network and what kind of material for the Bay Window Protection Network is introduced here, I hope this helps everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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