Beijing will build a world-class auto parts manufacturing base

On November 5th, the auto parts company Jingxi Heavy Industry acquired the signature of the shock absorption brake department of the American auto parts giant Delphi. It is understood that the new company will take over the production and processing bases and technology centers of Delphi's chassis parts in the United States, Poland, France, the United Kingdom, Mexico and China, and continue to serve the world's top cars such as BMW, Audi, Ferrari and General Motors. Manufacturer.

The acquisition price of overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese auto parts companies is nearly 100 million US dollars. According to reports, the new company has 3,000 employees, distributed in 13 countries and regions in North America, Europe and Asia. It has various production plants and R&D centers for automobile shock absorbers and brakes, and plans to use acquired technology and talents in Beijing. Fangshan District built a world-class auto parts processing and manufacturing base to drive the development of the automotive industry in Beijing. In addition to retaining the original management team, Jingxi Heavy Industry will also strive to combine international advanced technology with domestic production capacity.

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