Crystal shutter door installation crystal shutter door product performance

Rolling shutter door plays a role in the prevention of theft in life. The crystal shutter door just makes the appearance of the work that users like to accept, because now, as the customer's preference changes, the beautiful rolling shutter door will meet the needs of people nowadays. The most significant value of the crystal shutter door is still a good return to the anti-theft, in addition it is a beautiful decorative effect. Next Xiaobian will introduce crystal shutter door installation and crystal shutter door product performance.

Crystal shutter door installation

1, first look at the manual chain is down, in the motor is fixed on the motherboard, the chain is fixed in the wheel and the motor base gear connection (a certain tight) in the remote control box and the motor connection, try to handle the handle is upside down, If there is a black button on the side of the remote control receiving box, it can be dialed to the other party.

2. Use the ruler to check whether the size of the main board and the sub-board is correct. If the shaft is on the side board correctly, pay attention to the shaft first to play a horizontal line, and then use 10 bits to drill the hole 50 cm. 1 must be Straight, then use the 14-female mother to weld on the shaft. Remember to weld perpendicular to the hole in the shaft. Make sure to weld firmly. Align the center of the first piece of the curtain with the hole in the shaft with 10 bits. Punching must be vertical (fastening can also be fast).

3. Put the roller shutter curtain on both sides and seal it with a head to pull it with a rivet (remember to start sealing one block).

4. After the closure, use a rope to turn over the shaft to make a hole in the curtain. Use a rope to hold it. Do not pinch it at one end. Press the handle's ascending key so that the shaft will run to bring the curtain up. The reel will hold the curtain and the shaft. Together (level tightening padding) and lifting the curtain up must be firm.

5, open the mouth of the track adult word.

6. Level the roller shutter curtain and position it on and off the line. The left pulley is the upper limit position and the right is the lower limit position. (Adjust itself according to the needs of the site)

7, matters needing attention

a) Standard voltage 220V

b) No persons are allowed to stop at the bottom of the rolling shutter

c) There must be no obstruction when the shutter door is running down

d) When the shutter is lowered, the shutter automatically stops (or press the stop key)

e) Automatically stop the shutter when it is rising

f) Do not pass people and vehicles during operation

g) Minors need to be under guardian guardianship

Crystal shutter door product performance

1, full perspective design, display window display effect, preferred for shops in the downtown area

2, using polycarbonate, anti-theft performance is good

3, closed mute effect, prevent wind and rain dust

4, high-strength design, solid aluminum embedded PC door, structural strength, suitable for large-scale facade use

5, the design is simple and elegant, the appearance of noble and elegant

6, can be up and down / left and right installation, suitable for special molding site installation

Editor's summary: The performance of the crystal shutter door installation and the crystal shutter door product are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

Shutter door crystal shutter door installation

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