Detailed introduction to fire safety knowledge

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The "Twenty-one Articles on Fire Safety Common Sense" is summarized from the national fire protection laws and regulations, fire protection technical specifications and fire safety knowledge, and is the most basic fire protection knowledge that citizens should master. Specifically include:
First, consciously maintain public fire safety, found that the fire quickly dialed 119 telephone alarm, the fire brigade does not charge for fire.
Fire Safety
Second, the discovery of fire hazards and fire safety violations can call 96,191 calls, report to the local public security fire department.
Third, do not bury, occupy, damage, misappropriate, block fire facilities and equipment.
4. Do not bring inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into public places or take public transportation.
5. Do not use open flames and smoking in places where fireworks are strictly prohibited and in crowded places.
6. Purchase qualified fireworks and firecrackers, observe the safety discharge regulations when discharging, and pay attention to fire safety.
7. The family and the unit are equipped with the necessary fire-fighting equipment and have the correct method of use.
8. Each family shall formulate a fire safety plan, draw a road map for escape and evacuation, and promptly check and eliminate fire hazards.
Nine, indoor decoration and decoration should not use flammable materials.
10. Correctly use electrical equipment, do not connect the power cord, do not overload the power, replace the aging electrical equipment and wiring in time, and turn off the power switch when going out.
11. Proper use, frequent inspection of gas facilities and appliances, gas leaks, rapid closing of valves, opening of doors and windows, do not touch electrical switches and use open flames.
12. Educate children not to play with fire, and place lighters and matches in places that children cannot get.
13. Do not occupy, block or close the safety exits, evacuation passages and fire truck passages, and do not set obstacles that hinder the passage of fire trucks and fire fighting.
Fourteen, do not lie in bed or on the sofa to smoke, do not throw cigarette butts.
15. Schools and units regularly organize escape evacuation drills.
16. Enter public places and observe the safety exits and evacuation routes, remembering the direction of evacuation.
Seventeen, in the event of a fire, calm, calm, and quickly escape correctly, do not greedy property, do not take the elevator, do not blindly jumped.
18, must escape through the thick smoke, try to protect the head and body with soaked clothes, cover your nose and mouth, bend down and walk forward.
Nineteen, the body is on fire, can be rolled on the spot or covered with heavy clothing, pressing the fire extinguishing seedlings.
Twenty, when the fire can not escape, the wet towel can be used to block the door seam and send a distress signal waiting for rescue.

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