Fault Analysis and Elimination of Imported CNC Machine Tool Grating Measuring Device

Since the 1970s, China has imported a large number of CNC machine tools from abroad. Most of its measuring devices use inductive synchronizers, resolvers, photoelectric encoders and grating scales. Especially in the 1980s, foreign CNC machine tool manufacturers used precision grating scales as measuring devices in order to improve the measurement accuracy and machining accuracy of machine tools. Our factory introduced dozens of CNC machine tools from abroad in 1986, and the measuring devices used grating scales. The failure occurs in succession due to the use time and the use environment. According to our maintenance practice on the grating measuring device on dozens of CNC machine tools, we introduce several typical causes and troubleshooting methods for a fault. 1. Germany imported 14m CNC lathe z-axis detection signal loss, our factory imported from Germany RAVENSBURG company

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