GO Jiaju Brand Pavilion: Dedicated to helping your brand increase sales by 25%

A brand is a name used to identify a company's products and services and distinguish them from competitors. Professor Wang Chengrong, a famous business expert, pointed out that a brand is a product (service) or a company's image, personality, proposition, association and commitment that the manufacturer deliberately shapes in the market through various marketing means. It is externally expressed as a series of distinctive symbols. And the mark, the inherent essence is the consumer's emotional identity to the value and benefits of the product or service.

According to a random survey of the GO Jiaju website for consumers to buy furniture, 90% of consumers have a sense of powerlessness when buying furniture, do not know where to start. Expert analysis pointed out that there are many furniture brands in the market, but consumers lack understanding and understanding of furniture brands. Furniture manufacturers have spent a lot on the promotion of furniture, but the brand is still unknown. Is your promotion fee really spent on ideas?

Mr. Li is a dealer of a certain furniture brand. Recently, he wanted to change a brand for various reasons, but the first-line brand ignored him. Other brands either did not understand the product or could not find the manufacturer's contact information. The familiar factory ran a large circle, and it took a lot of time. In the end, it was still not confirmed. How could it be so difficult to change brands?

Ms. Dong’s newly bought house has just been delivered to the house recently. The decoration style is set to enter the scene, and Miss Dong has begun to purchase furniture. I don’t know, Suzhou Sakaguchi’s furniture city ran a circle but looked more and more dizzy. The brand looked dazzled. Everything was good. The photo album took a lot. When I came home, I wanted to check the information on the Internet, but I found no. A website can find all brand information...

GO Jiaju Brand Pavilion, based on the largest GO Jiaju network platform in China, is now fully online. GO Jiaju Brand Pavilion is committed to providing a platform for manufacturers, distributors and consumers to communicate with each other. Relying on the GO Jiaju platform, merchants can quickly transfer product information out to maximize the promotion effect; for dealers, rich manufacturer information can eliminate the time cost of running exhibitions and running shopping malls; Say, you can save a lot of time and physical strength, just sit at home, with a click of the mouse, you can easily grasp the latest information of all furniture brands on the market.

GO Jiaju Brand Pavilion is committed to the creation and promotion of furniture brands. The five functions of “Brand Building, In-depth Display, Word-of-mouth Review, Continuous Promotion, and Ranking Priority” help the furniture enterprises to build a brand development path!

According to statistics, effective brand promotion and dissemination can increase product sales by 25%. GO Jiaju Brand Pavilion is based on becoming a master of furniture brand communication, helping furniture companies to increase sales by 25%!

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