How much calcium carbonate do you need to brush your teeth every day?

The longest thing to do is to brush your teeth!
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The basic function of toothpaste is to clean the teeth, and this effect is mainly achieved by abrasives , which account for 40% to 50% of the toothpaste formulation.

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Four types of abrasives commonly used internationally are calcium hydrogen phosphate, silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, and aluminum hydroxide.

The use of calcium hydrogen phosphate and silica in the American toothpaste formula accounts for 97%. In China, most of them use calcium carbonate . The heavy calcium carbonate has strong friction and the light calcium carbonate has a small specific gravity, which is the main reason for making ordinary grade B products. raw material. China's calcium carbonate resources are abundant, the quality is acceptable, and the cost of producing toothpaste is low, which is suitable for the current consumption level in China.

How many grams of calcium carbonate do you consume when you brush your teeth every day?

Basic formula for toothpaste
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According to statistics, adults use about 1.5 grams of toothpaste every time to brush their teeth, brush twice a day, and consume 3 grams of toothpaste. The calcium carbonate content is 45%, and the daily brushing cost consumes 1.35 grams of calcium carbonate .

The population of China is calculated at 1.383 billion. The people of the country spend 1867.5 tons of calcium carbonate every day. ( Of course, the friction agent in toothpaste is not necessarily calcium carbonate, and some people do not brush their teeth every day. This is only a rough estimate ).

Quality requirements for calcium carbonate for toothpaste

(1) Hardness

When brushing your teeth, the pressure of the toothbrush is used to press the abrasive into the soft scale, plaque and calculus to break the dirt. The ideal toothpaste abrasive should be less hard, but it can get rid of contaminated plaque.

The hardness of calcite is 3, the enamel is 4 to 5, and the cementum and dentin are 2 to 2.5. More than 80% of adults in China have gingival recession and neck exposure, which requires the use of more delicate and soft abrasives.

(2) particle size

The size of the abrasive particles has a large impact on product functionality, safety and appearance. When the particle size is 30um or more, there will be a grit feeling in the oral cavity. The average particle size of the abrasives accepted by consumers is 3-12um .

In addition to particle size, particle size distribution and uniformity are also important indicators of abrasives. The toothpaste with suitable particle size is smooth and delicate, and the mouthfeel is comfortable; when the particle size is too fine (such as less than 1um), the toothpaste holder will have a coarse phenomenon, that is, the fine abrasive particles will flocculate due to the Brownian motion.

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(3) particle shape

The crystal particles of calcium carbonate are mostly square diamond-shaped, mostly acute angles less than 90°, and the surface damage is strong and scratched when rubbed.

(4) Solubility

The abrasive is insoluble in water, which is an important indicator of its chemical stability. In recent years, since toothpastes have been used with therapeutically active active substances, and it is required that the abrasive as a main component has higher chemical inertness, it is possible to formulate a stable product.

Calcium carbonate for toothpaste includes light calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate and natural calcium carbonate . The technical specifications are as follows:

â–½GB/T 23957-2009 Lightweight calcium carbonate index requirements for toothpaste industry
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â–½HG/T 4528-2013 Heavy calcium carbonate index requirements for toothpaste
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â–½QB/T 2317-2012 Oral cleaning care products, natural calcium carbonate for toothpaste
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