How to choose the right DVR?

The brands and types of hard disk recorders that appear on the market can be said to be various and dazzling. The products with fast recording speed, large storage capacity, high compression ratio, and high image resolution abound, and in the face of dazzling features, we should How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages, how to choose the right product?

1. Recording speed As for the recording rate, all DVRs are actually 30 frames per second or 60 fields per second (NTSC format) in real time. Any advertising that exceeds this index is impractical. If you record 16 images at the same time, the speed of each path is only 30/16 frames per second or 60/16 frames per second. When multi-channel recording, some hard disk recorders adopt advanced methods of image displacement detection to greatly increase the recording rate. The recording speed of a moving image is practically almost instantaneous, and it is many times faster than a video recorder without an image displacement detection function. However, it should be noted that video displacement detection video recording refers to full-screen compression of video cameras with full-screen image displacement, instead of only compressing the part of each camera image that has image shift activity. Although the latter can also increase the video recording rate, it is in Europe and America. In the law, this kind of image will not be used as proof of the court.

2. The larger the storage capacity and backup recording capacity, the better, but the most important thing is to have an interface to an external digital storage device for image data backup. Only regular backups can ensure that valuable images can be safely protected. Save it and make it easy to transfer. It is unwise to leave months of images on the machine's internal hard drive. Once the machine is damaged, all data will be lost completely.

3, image sharpness The clarity of the image directly reflects the quality of the DVR, but from the technical perspective, the higher the sharpness, the greater the storage capacity, so let the user adjust the level of clarity according to the actual situation. It is the best design. Almost all the products of this brand have already been done.

4, the operation is simple or not the use of the operation is easy and ultimately determine the product's adaptability in practical applications, more and more users want to use their own equipment is best to complete all functions by a key, many manufacturers ignore the use of electrical appliances The overall quality of the equipment, the product design has many functions, the operation is too complicated, the result is difficult to be promoted. In order to improve this lack, many manufacturers are constantly improving their products, such as adopting humanized keyboards, simplifying daily operation and use, or increasing the functions of computer network interfaces, and adapting to the development trend of the Internet, etc., so as to expand their share in the international market. rate.

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