How to identify fake and veterinary drugs

First, look at the packaging. The fake and inferior veterinary drugs are generally packaged and printed with rough color and dim color. When the package is opened, the appearance of the drug is rough and the fineness is not enough, which is quite different from the sample presented by the promoter.
Second, weigh the dose. Weighing according to the dosage indicated in the package or the manual, it can be found that the amount of fake and inferior veterinary drugs is seriously inaccurate; some even use eye or hand rubs to find that the weight is not accurate.
Third, the quality of the drug. Powder cakes are agglomerated, moldy and degenerate is a fake veterinary drug.
Fourth, find the batch number. The Regulations on the Administration of Veterinary Drugs stipulates that the listed veterinary drugs must be printed with the approval number of the drug on the packaging. The fake and inferior veterinary drugs have no approval number, no batch number, no production date, and no expiration date.
When a farmer friend finds the above-mentioned counterfeit and inferior situation at the time of purchase, he may suspect that it is a counterfeit product, and should suspend the use and report it to the local veterinary drug supervision and management department or the veterinary drug supervisor in time.
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