How to install outdoor wood flooring, and how to maintain the floor

We all know that indoor wood flooring installation is not very unusual, and some people choose to install wooden flooring outdoors. Users who are about to install outdoor flooring may not know how to install and maintain the floor. Then, how to install the anti-corrosion wood floor? How to maintain the outdoor floor can prolong the service life? Then follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to learn about the relevant content!


First, the anti-corrosion wood floor installation method

First of all, it is necessary to survey the environment of the construction site. The construction ground should be as flat and dry as possible, and the environmental factors surrounding the landslide may be excluded. It is best not to install on rainy days to avoid the joints affecting the service life. It is best to place the preservative wood in a ventilated place during construction. Before installation, you should measure the specific specifications and quantity, so that you can do more with less, reduce the construction period and use loss. So the preliminary work is very important, it is best to have a clear drawing.


Second, outdoor floor maintenance methods

Prevent rain. No matter what kind of wooden floor, its essence is water-repellent. If it rains, the surface of the floor will be discolored and cracked. Over time, the life of the floor will be shortened, so we must pay attention to prevent rain. Discharge water. There is water on the surface of the wooden floor. If we do not deal with it in time, it will cause discoloration, water stains and cracks. The service life will of course be shortened, so we should wipe it in time and keep it dry. Repair damaged surface treatment. If the wooden floor is partially damaged and does not need sanding, we only need to clean the surface and dry it, then repaint it with the original painted wood wax oil in the damaged area.

It is cloudy. If the water leaks to the floor, the surface of the wooden floor will turn white. This is because the durability of the floor wax is not so good. The floor wax peels off from the surface of the floor and causes diffuse reflection. Therefore, we have to wait for it to dry and then wax it. Regular renovation. If you consider the factors of aging mentioned above, or the factors that often wear out in public parts, Xiao Bian recommends that the wood floor in public places with a large flow of people be re-coated once every six months. When re-waxing, clean the surface of the floor first, no need to polish, just brush on the surface. Use of the medicament. If the floor is stained with chemicals, we should wipe it with detergent in a timely manner. After wiping, the surface gloss of the floor will be reduced, so it is necessary to do the waxing maintenance in time.

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