How to pay for bathroom waterproofing

As we all know, toilets and water have an inseparable relationship, and the floor and wall materials will absorb water more or less. If waterproofing is not done, the water will seep into the ground and wall, and mold and rot will occur inside for a long time. By the way, from the present point of view, many friends don't know much about waterproof treatment, so how much does the bathroom make waterproof ? Let's take a look with the editor.

How much is the bathroom waterproof

1. For most bathrooms, the scope is not large, but it can not be sloppy when dealing with waterproofing procedures. It is best to personally supervise the work when the construction is started to see its details. For example, the junction between the wall and the ground. The junction between the water pipe and the ground, etc. Generally speaking, the price of waterproof materials is between 8 and 20 yuan.

2. In the selection of coatings, be sure to choose those products with good waterproof effect. For example, the common polyurethane waterproof materials are very popular and relatively environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, according to the construction standards, the waterproof layer needs Painted several times, at least 1.5mm thick to achieve waterproof effect, and the price of polyurethane waterproof material is about 14 yuan / square meter.

3. For this process, after the price of the material is roughly known, the total cost can also be estimated. Of course, due to the different economic conditions in each place, the price is also different. For example, a good material will be more Expensive, in addition, it also has a certain relationship with the market of the city.

3 precautions for bathroom waterproofing

1. Do not damage the original waterproof layer

For newly-built houses, as long as they pass the inspection in all aspects, they are usually waterproof. However, many users will change the toilet pattern and the water supply and drainage pipelines during the hydropower transformation. Therefore, the owner must follow the construction personnel when supervising the construction. Emphasize not to damage the original waterproof layer. If you accidentally damage it, you must remember to repair it and even redo the waterproof project to ensure that no leakage will occur.

2. Waterproof materials cannot be painted on rainy days

In order to achieve this process, the paint must be applied three times, and the drying-out period should last 3 to 4 days. If you apply waterproof paint on a rainy day, the effect is generally not very good, so it is best not to be in the rain During the construction, in addition to the general waterproof treatment, the wall surface should be 30cm high, but if it is a non-load-bearing light body wall, the entire wall must be waterproof, at least 1.8 meters high.

3. Waterproof inspection must be done

After the whole process is completed, you must carry out a waterproof inspection. If this operation is unqualified, you must not be careless. This is best to let the construction team redo the waterproof project. If you have the conditions, you can ask a professional decorator to help with the waterproof project. get on.

Summary: Well, the above is about how much the bathroom is waterproof . I hope to provide you with some help. I believe that in the future of the bathroom waterproof construction process, friends will be more handy and create their own satisfactory results.

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