Hydropower reform acceptance criteria and precautions

Hydropower renovation is an extremely important part in the renovation construction. Whether it is from material acceptance or construction specifications and acceptance criteria, a subtle problem may lead to a total loss. Here we will take a look at the acceptance criteria and precautions for hydropower reform and hope to help you.

Hydropower renovation acceptance standards

Water and Electricity Improvement Acceptance Standards - Electrical Construction Codes and Acceptance Standards:

1. Before the construction, the electrician should be familiar with the circuit construction drawings or the requirements of the owner to ensure the location of all electrical appliances, switches, telephones, televisions, and network outlets.

2, switch, cassette positioning according to engineering requirements must be symmetrical, vertical and horizontal.

3, the purchase of all wires, telephone lines, television lines, network lines must meet the national testing standards to prevent product failure.

4, the circuit slotted laying, threading, inspection and testing. The Wire connector is firmly loose and is tightly attached with a double insulating tape, leaving an access opening at the connector.

5, check all the lamps switch is flexible, whether the socket panel loose, prevent conduction, leakage occurs.

6, each circuit circuit is clear and reliable, in line with the requirements of electricity, fire line, zero line, wire to be color separation or marked.

7. After acceptance, there is no problem. After signing, all the trunkings and cassettes shall be sealed with cement mortar to ensure the normal construction of the bricklayers.

Water and Electricity Improvement Acceptance Standards - Waterway Construction Specifications and Acceptance Criteria:

1. The connection of various sanitary equipments to the ground or wall should be securely installed using metal fixtures. Metal fixtures should be treated with corrosion protection. When the wall is a porous brick wall, the hole should be filled with cement mortar and then the fixture should be installed. When the wall is a light partition wall, the embedded part shall be set in the wall body, and the buried part shall be firmly connected with the wall body.

2. All plumbing fixtures installed in sanitary appliances should be easy to disassemble and maintain. Drainage pipe connection should use a rubber gasket drain plug. The connection surfaces of sanitary fixtures and metal fixtures shall be provided with lead or rubber gaskets. All kinds of sanitary ceramic appliances shall not be embedded in cement mortar.

3, all kinds of sanitary appliances and tabletops, walls, floors and other contact parts should be sealed with silicone adhesive or waterproof seal.

4. Appropriate product protection measures shall be taken after all sanitary appliances are installed and accepted.

5. The pipeline shall be laid horizontally and vertically, and the position of the pipe clamp and the slope of the pipeline shall meet the requirements of the code. All types of valve installation should be correct and level, easy to use and repair.

6. Pipes embedded in walls and floors shall be treated with anti-corrosion treatment and protected with cement mortar. The thickness shall comply with the following requirements: The cold water pipe in the wall shall not be less than 10mm, the hot water pipe shall not be less than 15mm, and the pipe embedded in the ground shall not be less than 10mm. Pipes embedded in walls, floors or concealed pipes should be accepted for concealed works.

Hydropower Modification Notes

The hydropower reform in home improvement is a big project. It is also a difficult project. If you do not care about it, you will inconvenience and trouble your life in the future. Therefore, there are many details to pay attention to during the hydropower reform.

Hydropower Renovation Considerations - Waterway Section

1, to think of all the water-related equipment, such as: water purifiers, water heaters, toilets and wash basins and other equipment location, installation and future use of the state (hot and cold water problems).

2, to think ahead of time is the use of gas or electric water heaters, to avoid the temporary replacement of water heaters, resulting in repeated alteration of the waterway.

3, electric pressure pump can be used to do pressure test.

4, if you want to close the excess floor drain, be sure to block the gap between the drain pipe and the floor drain to prevent water overflow.

5, if there is a need, the bathroom in addition to leaving the sink, toilet, washing machine and other outlets, you can also take one out, to facilitate the use of water after the drag.

6, when the washing machine position is determined, you can consider the washing machine drain wall, beautiful and convenient.

7. After filling the kitchen floor tile, you should check the drain to see if the floor drain is smooth.

8, washing machine floor drain is best not to use deep water sealing floor drain, because the washing machine's drainage speed is very fast, large displacement, deep water sealing leakage of the water speed can not be met, will lead to water overflow.

9, according to the actual use of the situation, consider the need to use deep water seal leakage, because if the deep water seal leaked under the pad hanging dirty, it will not achieve a closed effect.

10. Check whether all drains in the kitchen and bathroom are open.

Hydropower Renovation Considerations - Circuit Section

1. The circuit design must consider the possibilities, feasibility, and availability in detail. It is not good if the plugs are too large or too small.

2, when installing the socket may consider the placement of furniture in the future, because often the outlet is just behind the bedside cabinet, resulting in the cabinet can not rely on the situation of the wall.

3, bedroom can consider the use of dual control ceiling lights (bedside and entrance).

4, the best installation of the kitchen socket switch type, the province of the future use of electrical appliances but also pull the plug to pull, trouble.

5, living room ceiling light according to the needs of the family, you can consider installing sub-control switch (into the hall and back to the main bedroom door).

6, the phone socket, cable socket preferably have modules.

7. Consider lighting with mirrors and coat hook space.

8. The surround sound line should be buried when the circuit is modified.

9, the living room, master bedroom, bathroom should be based on personal habits and convenience to consider the default telephone line.

10, pay attention to strong and weak wires can not be in the same pipeline, there will be interference.

11, if the living room, kitchen, bathroom tile, some locations can be properly considered without slotted wiring.

12, socket is generally 30CM away from the ground, should not be less than 20CM, switch is generally 140CM away from the ground.

13, a maximum of eight lines in a tube, each tube gap can not be less than 40%.

14, the balcony, corridor, cloakroom can consider reserved sockets.

15. In the electrical code, it is required that buried pipe must be made of PVC pipe and change head.

The above-mentioned standards and precautions for acceptance of hydropower reforms are briefly introduced here, and we hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Hydropower and hydropower reform acceptance

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