Is the floor first or the door?

When decorating, whether it is first installed or first installed, there will be such problems. First install the floor, it is easy to scratch the floor when installing and handling furniture; first install the door, it will affect the laying of the floor. And the connection, it is easy to cause the ground clearance is too large. In the end, how can we make the choice to minimize the loss of decoration? Next, let Xiaobian come to analyze the decoration of the door and floor for everyone!

1. First flooring:

If your room is paved with tiled floor or tiled floor, you need to press the buckle directly under the door. If the door is installed before the floor is laid, it is easy to buckle. The ground clearance is generated. Once the gap is too large, the sound insulation effect of the floor will be reduced, and the appearance will also be affected. As for the way of paving marble tiles, you don't need to tangled at all, because the brickwork in the tile must be in front and the door can only be placed in the back.

In addition, if you choose a set door, or you need to fix the door rail or decorative fan on the floor, you can only lay the floor first and then install the door. As for the problem of stepping on the dirty floor, it is basically unavoidable, because even if you put the floor to the end, it is easy to be dirty by the process of furniture handling, switch socket and chandelier installation when moving the house, so it is still necessary to do well. Finished product protection.

2. The situation of first door installation:

The order of decoration is generally in accordance with the principle of going from top to bottom and from inside to outside. From this point of view, it should be the first door. Because after the door is installed, the baseboard of the floor can be cut and fixed close to the door cover, so that the foot line is more tightly stitched and the closing is more convenient. Moreover, the finished product protection of the door is obviously much easier than the floor. The door is installed first, and then other decoration processes are carried out. Finally, the floor is laid, which can minimize the influence of the decoration on the floor, so for the room where the delicate solid wood floor is selected. It is best to install the door and then lay the floor.

Of course, some people will worry that if you first install the door, will you hit the floor when you open the door? The answer is yes, but this is a completely avoidable problem. Because in general, there are two reasons for this: the levelness of the ground is not enough, or the door is not completely perpendicular to the ground when installed. Therefore, we must first check the level and flatness of the ground before laying the floor, to ensure that the door is installed 100% vertically, and the standard size and gap should be reserved at the bottom of the door and the ground, so as to avoid such problems. .

3. Prerequisites for door and floor installation

In order to ensure the quality of the home decoration, the door and the floor, especially the solid wood door and the solid wood floor, should be kept as dry as possible, because the excessive moisture will cause the floor to crack and the pedal will also produce abnormal noise. In addition, in order to avoid gaps between the door and the floor, the thickness of the floor should be informed before the floor is laid to ensure that it can be reserved for the corresponding size.

In summary, which door and floor are installed first, there is no absolute order requirement, as long as the first part is ready to be finished. For the decoration, the most important thing is to avoid or reduce unnecessary losses and troubles as much as possible, and to ensure the comfort and happiness of our home life to the utmost.

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