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1. Miao Hei Queue Free Order Rules:

1. The platform has three identities: merchant, consumer and agent

2. The platform recruits an agent, the agent recruits merchants to settle on the platform, each merchant has its own exclusive merchant *** QR code

for example:

(1) If the percentage of profit set by the merchant is 20%, the percentage of commission rebate is 20%, and the customer spends 100 yuan in the merchant ’s store, the merchant will receive 80 yuan directly, 20% of which is 20 yuan left on the platform as Consumption incentives, 20% of this incentive award is returned to the agent for 4 yuan, and the remaining 16 yuan enters the queue-free bonus pool.

(2) The second consumer spends 100, and the same 20 yuan is used as an incentive. 16 yuan enters the queue-free bonus pool. When the seventh consumer finishes spending, the queue-free bonus pool will exceed 100 yuan. The platform will This 100 yuan rewards a consumer.

Second, the advantages of Miao Hei queue-free order mode:

(1) The data shows that the queuing order-free mode can indeed make consumers more willing to come directly to the store to consume, it will also make consumers become loyal customers of the merchant, and will double the store's turnover!

(2) The queuing order-free mode is developed based on the technical concept, *** is marketing, in the form of consumption queuing rewards, allowing consumers to spend multiple times, share and guide others to consume, accumulate queuing bonus pool, accelerate rebate progress, and continue to pay attention To achieve the purpose of increasing business sales.

(3) The queue-free order mode allows consumers to easily find businesses and pay online. It is a new type of real O2O model! Rebates for consumers of each merchant in the order of consumption to stimulate consumer consumption. Help the settled merchants to solve the difficulties of new recruitment, retention, and promotion!

(4) The queue-free order-free mode allows the platform to obtain a large amount of merchant data and consumer data in a short time.

Community group purchases have created a brand-new group purchase mode with simple and convenient process: shops use the community group purchase publishing platform without paying any fees (joint fees, transaction commissions, deposits, etc.), and publish their own group purchase information arbitrarily. Search in the site to find the group purchase products or services provided by the store, and make a direct phone reservation (no online payment is required). After the reservation is successful, go to the store for consumption. After the purchase is successful, the store charges directly. For more information, please contact Huang Sheng 199-2565-7856 Microelectronics

Cable Reel And Spool

Solid steel and machined reels are designed for applications that requires a strong reel built to high performance or heavy duty applications. Wire drawing and high strength reels are available in various constructions each designed to applications and process requirements.

FG - Forged Steel Reel

  • Manufactured from high density forged steel
  • Machined to tight tolerances
  • Designed for up to 15,000 RPM
  • Dynamically balanced
  • SSM – Solid Steel Machined Steel Reel

    • Solid steel construction
    • Machined on all surfaces
    • Highly concentric construction
    • Drum support members available
    • Any custom and standard size
    • SSU - solid steel reels

      • Solid steel
      • Customizable reel to any dimensions
      • Replacement arbor bushings
      • Un-machined reels
      • Partially machined reels
      • DF - Double flange Steel Reel

        • Heavy duty process reel
        • 2 flange skins for minimal flange deflection
        • Curly edge for increased strength
        • Drum reinforcements for high tension spooling
        • Machined winding surfaces for high speed spooling
        • Dynamically balanced
        • DR – Double flange Reinforced Steel Reel

          • Heavy duty process reel
          • 2 flange skins with lateral flange reinforcements
          • Drum reinforcements for high tension applications
          • flange diameters 610 – 1500 mm (24" – 60")

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