New Materials Industry News Monthly: Recovery has become the main theme

The recovery has become the main theme of the entire new materials industry.
Battery materials industry: The industry's traditional downstream mobile phones, notebooks and power tools are constantly improving, bringing a turn for the industry. The current status of the lithium-ion battery industry is better than that of nickel-metal hydride batteries. The development of domestic new energy vehicles is still slow. From the current development trend, nickel-hydrogen battery is still competitive. It is recommended to focus on Jiangsu Guotai, Shanshan and Zhongji High-tech.
Magnetic materials industry: The signs of recovery in the industry are obvious. The recovery rate of key companies in the industry in the third quarter exceeded expectations. It is recommended to focus on Hengdian East Magnetic, Zhongke Sanhuan and Antai Technology.
Super hard refractory materials industry: The leading enterprises of diamond tools, Antai Technology and Boshen Tools, are mainly oriented to overseas markets. The recovery of market demand remains to be seen, but overall it is good. Since the beginning of this year, the refractory industry has continued to maintain rapid growth, but overcapacity in downstream industries such as steel, cement and glass has had a certain negative impact on the industry's prospects. It is recommended to focus on Antai Technology and Ruitai Technology.
New chemical materials industry: Signs of industry recovery are obvious, and downstream demand continues to warm up. The prices of important chemical materials such as PP, DMC, ABS, MDI, PVC and natural rubber are all in a rebound trend. It is recommended to focus on Xin'an, Yantai Wanhua and Times New Materials.
Other new materials industries: There are more categories in the industry, and the overall situation is in a better state. It is recommended to focus on Leybold High Tech with strong capabilities in the field of liquid crystal display materials. Two new shares: Boyun New Materials and Hesheng New Materials have good fundamentals and growth, but the short-term stock price is too high and it is not recommended to participate in the speculation.

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