Newspaper clean glass? The effect is still very good!

Today, Xiao Bian teaches you a few tips for cleaning your life. Whether or not everyone is distressed by the glass in your home, such as doors and windows, such as glass doors in bathrooms, it will take a long time to add a layer of dirt and affect the appearance of the home. People feel very unpleasant. Many owners often say that it is very difficult to clean up. Don't worry, Xiaobian will teach you a few tips today. Discarded newspapers must not be thrown away, and dirty glass can be wiped clean in minutes!

First, glass door impervious mildew

To keep the bathroom glass door garage door manufacturers clean and beautiful, use a multi-functional decontamination paste for cleaning. As for the gap, you can use a toothbrush to remove dirt after removing some dirt, then use a brush to apply a waterproofing agent to the gap. This will not only prevent seepage but also prevent mildew.

Second, how to clean the glass

The glossy mirrors and windows are watermarked and blurred due to long-term close contact with the water. You can use a spray of glass cleaner to spray a large X-shape on a piece of glass, then wring out the wrung cloth, wipe it in one direction, wait until the glass is dry, then use a dry cloth. Wipe it again. It can also be wiped off with old newspapers. Paper ink can keep the glass shining, and stubborn dirt can also be wiped away.

Third, clever use of waste newspapers

Wipe off dust with a damp cloth, or wipe off with a dedicated glass wipe (sold in the supermarket), then wipe with a newspaper, it will be very clean and bright, leaving no trace of water. Because the newspaper's ink has a good cleaning effect on the glass. Scrap magazine books are also available, but the best is newspapers.

Bathroom glass doors are not special water stains, but some impurities such as calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in hot water are hard to remove after cooling. Try the above methods, I believe there will be unexpected results.

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