Ou Ruibo WiFi smart socket evaluation: Jane is not easy to flatter

On July 29th, smart sockets, as more and more popular small household electrical appliances, are entering thousands of households with the rise of the Internet of Things. Faced with a lot of products on the market, many users will pick up their eyes, so what is a really good smart socket? In my opinion, from the fundamental point of the smart socket, under the premise of ensuring safety, the two basic functions of remote control and time switch can be realized well, which is called a good smart socket, and other The rich features are just the icing on the cake and increase the added value of its products.

Today, we want to introduce this Ou Ruibo WiFi smart socket for everyone, it can be said that it will be simple and practical to the extreme. No need for fancy embellishment, just do one thing with your heart, it is enough. This sentence is used to describe Oerliko's smart socket.

First, let's take a look at its parameters:

The rated output voltage is 100~240V, the maximum current is 10A, the maximum power is 2200W, and the shell material is flame retardant ABS, which can adapt to the working temperature -20 °C~70 °C. Compared with the current smart sockets on the market, it is quite satisfactory.

In terms of features, Smartlink flash connection technology, 2 seconds speed entry, simple operation, support up to 10 timed task settings, and the client supports up to 50 smart sockets to access at the same time. With remote control timer switch and charging protection.

So in actual application, what is the performance of this Oerliko smart socket?

First, use the smart phone to scan the QR code in the manual, you can download the wiwo-s20 client application, enter the application, select the device, link WiFi, the client will start to configure the smart socket, then you can pass the mobile phone Realize the switch control of the smart socket. For users who only want to use this feature, this kind of operation is very simple.

Of course, in addition to using the mobile phone to control the switch, the Ou Ruibo smart socket has other functions for different scenarios. The timing and countdown functions should be the most practical two functions.

Click on the socket to enter the control interface, and the menu button in the upper right corner will pop up the timing, edit, and countdown buttons. The timing function can realize the remote switch operation of the home appliance every day outside the door, such as the timing oxygen supply of the fish tank, the electric water heater timing heating, etc., and the time alarm clock can be set. The countdown function allows you to set up on-time viewing of TV shows, creating some romantic atmospheres of chic lighting. It can be said that although the function is simple, adding some small ideas and ideas can still be used for some wonderful ideas.

In addition, the client also provides users with a more detailed guide to use and answers to frequently asked questions. For those who are not very familiar with electronic products, they can also complete the operation under careful guidance.

Compared with the many smart socket products currently on the market, the biggest highlight of Ou Ruibo's smart socket is that a mobile phone can control multiple sockets at the same time. This technology is still ahead of similar products.

In general, Ou Ruibo's WiFi smart socket is quite satisfactory, and can meet the basic needs of most users. It is commendable that it does not emphasize the richness and complexity of functions, but it is very good in practicality and ease of operation. Of course, I believe that as the smart home market becomes more powerful, small smart sockets will gradually be upgraded, and what kind of intelligence will evolve into the future will be very exciting.

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