Pan'an non-porous intelligent anti-theft lock and Jingdong crowdfunding new products world premiere

Pan'an non-porous intelligent anti-theft locks together with Jingdong crowdfunding new products world premiere, to create a collection of smart locks. Diane non-porous intelligent anti-theft lock - Ren Yuhua is fading, and the heart is still intoxicated by love.

Pan'an Intelligent Technology brings together a group of dream catchers, adhering to the concept of home, humanity, safety first, happiness and harmony, dedicating our unique technology products, and jointly launching a new generation of non-porous intelligent anti-theft locks from Jingdong, which has both power storage emergency, no The electric can also unlock, and add smart cat eyes, smart security, and other functions thank you.


Xiaobian was shocked when I heard this!   There is no keyhole? of course! Can you unlock without power? of course! Can you call the police if you have no power? of course! Are you as surprised as Xiaobian? Diane non-porous smart lock solves all your difficulties! Please pay attention to Jingdong crowdfunding, below the cost price welcome everyone to support!

On June 12th, Jingdong crowdfunding Pan'an non-porous intelligent anti-theft lock hit, lower than the ex-factory price, I sincerely hope that you can become our first angel users.


Pan'an non-porous intelligent anti-theft lock - guardian, carrying full of happiness, until the old days.


Pan'an non-porous intelligent anti-theft lock will be on the Jingdong crowdfunding glory, enough to thieves into the room, you are not enough to enter the home without the key to go to the Jingdong page to learn more:

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