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The plastic-coated hose is made of PVC material coated with a layer of cable along the concave and convex surface of the core of the stainless steel hose and the galvanized hose. Due to its light weight, excellent flexibility, connection strength with accessories, electrical performance, oil resistance, and splash-proof water, plastic-coated hoses are widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, machinery and other industries. From 6mm to 200mm, the color is black or gray, special specifications, colors can be customized. Next Xiaobian introduced the characteristics of plastic hose manufacturers and plastic hoses.

Plastic hose manufacturers

Dongguan City Yicheng Pipe Co., Ltd., Dongguan City Yicheng Pipe Co., Ltd. is a professional production of galvanized pipe and some cable trays and other cable ancillary products. Dongguan City Yi Cheng Pipe Co., Ltd. adhering to the "honest hospitality, integrity-based" business philosophy, the company and some manufacturers across the country have long-term relations of cooperation, is committed to providing customers with the best service, the most High-quality products and the most efficient services have won the unanimous recognition and trust of many consumers.

Shanghai Haotong Tube Industry Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shengyang Tube Industry Co., Ltd. are enterprises that produce hose products. Shanghai Xinhan Tube Industry Co., Ltd. integrates R&D, production, and sales into one, with high technology, high-quality products, and efficient services to satisfy all customers' consumption. Shanghai Xinhan Tube Industry Co., Ltd. adheres to the corporate philosophy of “people-oriented” and insists on creating greater prices for customers. Under the many struggles, it has also won the trust and support of many customers and consumers.

Plastic hose features

1, plastic hose has excellent waterproof, insulation, tensile properties.

2. The surface of plastic hose is made of PVC, and fire retardant is added to PVC plastic.

3, plastic hose structure is a single button and double buckle type, increase the tensile strength, not easy to break or deformation.

4, plastic hose bending performance, internal smooth structure, easy to pass through the wire and cable.

5, plastic hose waterproof, oil, corrosion, good sealing. The products are beautiful and compact in structure. They are widely used in the wiring of precision instruments and meters, electric wires, electric wires, plastics, rubber and other wires and electric appliances.

Plastic hose selection

1, see the appearance

High-grade plastic coated metal hoses look bright, shiny and glossy with no air bubbles on the surface. The appearance of the black plastic coated metal hose is lack of luster. Low-end products are hard to distinguish from the mid-range.

2, by hand

High-grade plastic metal hose, hard, not flat foot. Mid-range plastic metal hose hand can not pinch flat. Low-end products can be pinched flat.

3, weighing

How to quickly distinguish the quality of plastic metal hose, a simple weight, the same number of plastic coated metal hose, weighing, not only can compare the quality of the same company can also determine whether the lack of meters.

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