Radar life detector features, applications and product introduction

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First, the characteristics of radar life detector

1. Excellent search and rescue instruments: Radar life detectors are currently the world's most advanced search and rescue equipment. They are light and compact (most products are about 1 kilogram, and can be operated in a handheld manner ). They are easy to carry, easy to operate, and superior in performance. At present, it has been widely used by government departments such as military, customs, maritime patrol, firefighting, security, rescue, and aerospace in advanced countries in the world.

2. Using ground penetrating radar ( GPR ) technology: At present, the mainstream radar life detectors mainly use the ground penetrating radar ( GPR ) technology, and the key areas can be located on the disaster scene with Rescue Radar 's GPR ground sensor. Through wireless transmission, GPR sensors and military network notebooks are automatically paired and continuously exchanged.

This function is based on the analysis of radar waves that are reflected from the device and then received. So it can detect all body movements including breathing and heartbeat. The military network notebook can automatically detect the sensor and instantly display the topographic map of the area on the screen. The moving range of any moving target will be displayed dynamically in real time. If the moving signal or respiratory signal of the victim is detected, the status indicator will continue to display. Flashes.

3 , simple operation: radar life detector, instantaneous movement detection, through concrete, bricks, snow, ice and mud ; detect movement, detect the distance of persons in distress ; work in all kinds of climate conditions ; intuitive and easy to learn Requires no special training ; Low requirements for power supply ; Little system maintenance is required ; Firmware programs can be upgraded through wireless or wired networks ; No drilling is required, cables are laid, and the environment is muted for search and rescue operations. It is simple and easy. In the minute and second battle of rescue work, radar life detector can help search and rescue personnel to quickly, accurately and safely find survivors of distress, so as to obtain valuable time for rescue work.

Second, radar life detector application scenarios

1. Search for buried people (earthquake, avalanche)

2. Detect people inside the bus (for multi-storey car parks)

3. Detect people hiding in trucks and buses (for customs, prisons)

4 , non-metallic underground drainage inspection

5 , can be used at the scene of the disaster, customs and prisons.

6 , other

Third, radar life detector product introduction

1, the United States Rifle LifeLocator ® TRx radar life detector


â—† Search optimization: Raifo can quickly identify survivors and can detect breath almost instantly;

â—† Easy to use: The user-selectable graphical interface indicates detected motion and breathing by using icons. Rescue team members can master Rover life detectors within hours;

â—† Easy to carry: Portable, easy to operate for individual individuals;

â—† Dual receivers in the system provide excellent data acquisition capabilities and increase the reliability of the test.

2. Mine rescue intrinsically safe radar life detector


â—† With non-contact detection function, it can detect the heartbeat and respiratory signals without touching the human body.

â—† The result of intelligent discrimination on the monitor is displayed on the screen in a virtual scene.

â—† The information detected by the detector through the display is automatically processed and discriminated to give the results of human beings.

â—† The detector is powered by a battery pack and has a power indication function.

â—† The monitor has the function of controlling the detector. The control includes: initialization of the detector, start detection, stop and close.

â—† Data transmission between the detector and the monitor through wireless communication.

3, LX radar life detector


â—† Strong penetration, high positioning accuracy, excellent anti-jamming performance;

â—† With data playback capabilities;

â—† has a variety of daylight, luminous display mode;

â—† Wireless connection, multiple data transmission methods, and scalability;

â—†USB interface can be used for data transmission with laptops;

â—† Military-grade waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, cold-proof design, can be used in all kinds of bad weather.

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