Raft as a Lifesaving Boat Apprived by Ec and CCS

Model NO.: UZ10
Life Raft Color: Safety Orange
Inflatable Life Raft Material: Natural Rubber and PVC
Certificate: CCS or Ec
Equipment: a Pack or B Pack
Storage Height: 36m
Dimension: Please Check Below Information
Container: Container and Valise
Ec Lifesaving Boat Weight: Depends on Different Type
Price: Electricity Discussion or Negotiable
Boat Inflate Method: Auto and Manual
Trademark: Hantian
Specification: CCS or EC
Origin: Zhejiang
HS Code: 890710000
Throw-over type self-right inflatable lifesaving boat life raft for yacht(UZ type)
It is suitable for small craft up to 24m length of hull as life saving equipment

Product standard:
Marine equipment It meets the requirement of ISO9650-1(small craft-inflatable liferaft)

Lifesaving boat Inflation method:
After throw-over from ship, the life raft can be self -righting inflated and opened automatically. If the ship sinks very fast and the life raft cannot be thrown-over, the raft still can float up from water under the action of Hydrostatic Release Unit and can be inflated and opened automatically

Emergency pack type:
Standard A or B pack

Lifesaving boat Max. Storage height:
The installation height is 6m from water surface

Other type life raft also available:
1. Throw-over inflatable life raft(SOLAS);
2. Throw-over self-righting inflatable life raft(SOLAS);
3. Davit-launching inflatable life raft(SOLAS);
4. Open reversible inflatable liferaft(SOLAS);
5. U type throw-over inflatable liferafts for yacht(ISO9650-1)
Model Capacity Canister weight(kg) Valise weight(kg) Container size(mm)


 A PACK B PACK  A PACK B PACK Canister Valise Canister Valise
UZ4 4 <60 <50 <50 <40 780*535*390 650*350*470 780*535*390 650*350*400
UZ6 6 <75 <60 <65 <50 880**630*350 730*370*500 780*535*390 650*350*470
UZ8 8 <85 <70 <75 <55 880*630*350 800*390*520 880*630*350 730*370*500
UZ10 10 <95 <75 <85 <60 880*630*380 800*390*550 880*630*350 800*390*520
UZ12 12 <115 <80 <95 <70 880*630*470
880*630*380 800*390*550

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