Renovation of old house What are the old house renovation must know

If you live in a house for a long time, it will look very old. In general, ten years or so should be renovated. When we are renovating old houses, we cannot modify the structure of our houses as we like, otherwise there will be security risks. So what are the precautions we need to make when we do cell reform? The following Xiao Bian will share with everyone.

The old house transformation notes a

People who are slightly familiar with common sense know that the load-bearing wall of a house can't be moved, so it's impossible to renovate a load-bearing wall in an old house! How should we identify the load-bearing wall? Generally, a wall that is more than 24 centimeters is a load-bearing wall. The walls that are knocked on by the “quiet voice” are mostly non-bearing walls and can be demolished. In addition, the load-bearing pillars in the home are not detachable, because after removal, the upper floor will fall, it is very dangerous.

The old house transformation notes two

We all know that when we build a house, we use a lot of steel bars. These steel bars are like human bones. Everyone must not destroy the steel bars in the wall when they are reconstructing the old house, otherwise it will affect the bearing capacity of the floor. If you experience natural disasters such as earthquakes, such walls and floors can easily collapse or break.

The old house transformation notes three

Many homeowners feel that the original windows are too old and old, and the style is not good, so they will remove the doors and windows and reinstall them. In fact, doors and windows can be changed, but the low wall below the window is not removable. This low wall plays a role in supporting the balcony. Once it is dismantled, it will cause the bearing capacity of the balcony to drop, causing the balcony to fall and the consequences to be disastrous.

Old house transformation note four

Many owners will renovate cooking areas and toilets. We must not damage the waterproof layer when renovating the two. If we accidentally damage the waterproof layer due to construction, we will need to do a waterproof project again. After hours of water seepage test, if it does not leak, it will be considered qualified. If the waterproof layer is not done well, it will have an adverse effect on both the family and the neighbors downstairs.

We must pay attention to the above points when we are renovating old houses. Only by strictly following the rules and regulations can we ensure the safety of the house. The above is the sharing of the notes on the renovation of the old house by Xiaobian. If you have more related questions, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to Qijia Information.

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