Several characteristics of Shenzhen company's qualification certification selected high-tech enterprise certification, won the trust of consumers

China Hardware Business Network Shenzhen Daoqin Zhonghe Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of business services, other business services, and service organizations. With strong R & D strength, rigorous production management experience and "quality first, "Credit first" business philosophy, successfully developed a series of high-quality products with various patents, such as Shenzhen company qualification certification x367bdan, Shenzhen software copyright registration, etc. China Hardware Business Network

Shenzhen Daoqin Zhonghe Technology Co., Ltd. mainly deals with the four major advantages of project bidding service, the well-known Shenzhen company qualification certification, the price of Shenzhen Shuangsoft certification, the credible Shenzhen company qualification certification and other equipment projects. Adhering to the tenet of "customer first, forge ahead", the company provides high-quality enterprise certification services for customers. The high-tech enterprise certification provided not only serves, but also goes to all parts of the country to strive to provide Shenzhen for more people in need. The company qualification determines how to do the service. Extended product details: What benefits can Shenzhen Shuangsoft bring to certified companies? Today Daoqin Zhonghe will give you an inventory of the benefits of Shenzhen Shuangsoft for enterprises; 1. After the certification, Shuangsoft certificates (software product registration certificate, software enterprise certificate) will be issued. This honorary certificate is recognized by the software industry. 2. After registration of computer software copyrights and testing of software products, you can go to the local tax bureau for the record and enjoy the preferential policy of immediate refund if the value-added tax exceeds 3%. 3. The software enterprise filing for new domestic software production enterprises in China is recognized and can enjoy the preferential policies of two exemptions and three halves of corporate income tax from the profit year (the first and second years are exempt from corporate income tax and the third year The corporate income tax will be halved by the fifth year). The record period is 1 year. 1. Shenzhen Shuangsoft can enjoy preferential tax policies (1) The salary and training expenses of certified software manufacturing enterprises can be deducted when calculating the taxable income according to the actual amount. (2) After a new software production enterprise in China is identified, it will be exempted from corporate income tax in the first and second years from the beginning of the profit-making year, and the corporate income tax will be halved in the third to fifth years. 2. The conditions and standards for Shenzhen Shuangsoft's certification (1) An enterprise with an enterprise as a legal person established in China; (2) Computer software development and production, system integration, application services and other corresponding technical services are the main business and main operating income ; (3) Have more than one software product developed by the enterprise or owned by the enterprise with intellectual property rights, or provide computer information system integration and other technical services that have passed the qualification level certification; (4) Technical personnel engaged in software product development and technical services account for The proportion of the total number of employees of the enterprise is not less than 50%; (5) Have the technical equipment and business premises required to engage in software development and corresponding technical services; (6) Have the means and ability to guarantee the quality of software products and technical services; (7) Software technology and product research and development expenses account for more than 8% of the company ’s annual software revenue; (8) Annual software sales revenue accounts for more than 35% of the company ’s total annual revenue, of which self-produced software revenue accounts for 50% of the software sales revenue Above; (9) The property rights of the enterprise are clear, the management is standardized, and the rules and regulations are observed.

While the business is developing rapidly, Dao Qin Zhonghe always emphasizes the balance between external opportunities and internal management, and pays great attention to the cultivation and shaping of the company's core competitiveness. The company regards customer service value as its core competitiveness. Daoqin Zhonghe adheres to the enterprise spirit of "integrity and integrity, pursuit of excellence, and respect for individuals", and strives to provide customers with emerging Shenzhen technology research projects. More details are in Daoqinzhonghe-:
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'Several characteristics of Shenzhen company's qualification identification selected high-tech enterprise identification, won the trust of consumers

LED traffic lights are an indispensable tool in urban traffic and an important guarantee for urban traffic order. This example is to implement a common Traffic Signal Light function at an intersection. Readers can realize a more complete Led Traffic Light by learning this Traffic Light Controller. For example, real-time configuration of the time of various traffic lights, manual control of the status of each light, etc.
Traffic at an intersection is generally divided into two directions, each direction has three types of red, green and yellow lights, and each direction also has a left turn light, so each direction has 4 lights.
This LED Traffic Light is also designed with a countdown traffic light display function for the status of each light. You can set an initial value for each light state, and after the light state changes, it starts to count down according to this initial value. After the countdown is reset to zero, the state of the light will change to the next state.

It is worth noting that the state of the traffic signal lights in the two directions is related. In other words, the state of the lights in each direction affects the state of the lights in the other direction, so that the traffic flow in the two directions can be coordinated. If the lights in each direction change independently, then the traffic lights have no meaning.

Traffic Light Countdown Timer

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