Skillfully designed and decorated beautiful and practical ceiling

Today, ceiling decoration is widely used in home decoration, but many owners do not understand the rational use of ceiling design. The problem that the ceiling color does not match, the ceiling distance is too low, and the ceiling shape is too complicated is troublesome for the owner. If you want the ceiling to be beautiful and practical, it is better to listen to the advice of the home designer.

Xiao Fan, a home improvement designer, pointed out that it is best to use mirror design with a ceiling for home decoration. Some owners think that after installing the ceiling, there may be a feeling of depression. Therefore, it is planned to use a mirror to extend the visual space to alleviate the depression caused by the low ceiling. However, if the application is not good, the mirror on the ceiling will have an adverse effect. Because the scene reflected from the mirror will be consistent with the floor, and it will be illuminated by the mirror for a long time, people will see the shadow of their own upside down. The spirit of the person living in the house may be affected and easily irritated.

When decorating the living room design ceiling, it is best to consider the principle of reasonable color matching. The color used in the ceiling should be light and not heavy. No matter what kind of material is used for the ceiling, it is better than the color of the floor and the wall. Otherwise, it will give a top-heavy feeling of oppression. If you live for a long time, it will make your family's spirits depressed and form a "top-heavy" dizziness.

The use of hidden ceiling lights can make up for the lack of lighting. Whether the ventilation and lighting of the house is good is one of the factors to judge the orientation of the house and the quality of the house. The living room should give people a bright feeling. If the original house type is lacking in lighting, the lighting must be compensated for by the decoration. It is best to make up the fluorescent lamp in the four wooden grooves of the ceiling to make up for it. The light is refracted from the ceiling and does not feel glare, and the light from the fluorescent lamp is closest to the sunlight, which is most suitable for a living room with insufficient lighting.

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Label: skillfully designed and decorated beautiful and practical ceiling

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