Smart lighting new business opportunities: skipping inlaid LED bulbs cool and full

Nowadays, almost every product has to be touched by technology. In addition to the basic 3C products such as mobile phones, cameras and TVs, in order to seize the business opportunities brought by the sports population, the manufacturers also push a lot of smart sports objects that can be connected with mobile devices. The skipping rope that you love to play is no exception. Recently, there are manufacturers in the world to launch Smart Rope.


The design is a simple route. It looks quite fashionable. It is mainly equipped with LED bulbs on the rope. It can instantly display the current number of jumps when jumping ropes.


Smart Rope's built-in sensor can be connected to mobile devices such as mobile phones. With the APP, it can also view data such as the number of times, heart rate, and calories burned. However, the time to market and the price are not fixed. It is expected to be raised on the fundraising platform Kickstarter in the near future. Capital.


The LED light is embedded on the rope, and the actual number of jumps will be displayed directly in front of the screen, which is much more convenient than the built-in screen.

I. Introduction
Papermaking dry strengthen agent is our company`s new and self-developed products that using imported raw materials. Its mechanism of action is: Dry Strength Agent use polymer mesh structure to increase hydrogen bonding number in the mutual area of fiber to fiber. Dry strength agents in the combination area of long-chain polymers can be deformed, thus increasing the bond toughness. It could improve paper strength by the bridging ability formed by chemical function to make fibers and fibers have "implicated"

II. Technical indicators



Dry strength agent


Colorless viscous liquid

Solid content%


Viscosity mpa.s(25℃)


PH value


Storage period (normal temperature) days


Note: PH value is adjustable according to user requirements




Dry Strength Agent

III. Function

     The dry strength agent is not only a good enhancement, but it also has a higher enhancement effect in waste papers with more fine fiber filler. The use of our dry strength agent can improve paper quality, and it also significantly increase production efficiency, reduce costs and increase economic efficiency.

IV. Method of Application and Notes

1. When diluted with clean water, the dilution multiples of our product is generally about 15 to 30 times. After the product was stirred sufficiently, add uniformly to the slurry in an amount of 5 ~ 10 kg / ton.

2. Adding position that selected could have a full contact with the slurry. Generally choose ingredients pool, high box or import pump.

3. Use a plastic or stainless steel as the material for products storage, dilution tank, piping etc.. Iron-based material will produce corrosion and thickening phenomenon will occur.

4. Do not mix with Other Chemicals.

V. Packing

      1000 kg barrels, or according to user requirements.

Dry Strength Agent

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