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Specific analysis of heating devices for rolling bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-07-13

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In the bearing device, when the inner diameter of the bearing is greater than 70mm; or the cooperation interference is large; the heating method is usually used; the bearing hole is swollen; the time of the device will save labor and time; Large and incurred damage to the bearing, etc.
At this time, the demand is controlled by the heating temperature; usually the bearing is heated to 80 ° C; up to 100 ° C is sufficient. Beyond 120 ° C may cause the appearance of bearing tempering; thus the hardness and accuracy of the ferrule Lowering.
First, the common methods of bearing heating are:
1, bearing heating - electric heating plate heating method:
As long as the bearing is placed on a hot plate with a temperature of 100 ° C for a few minutes; this method is the most simple and convenient; if it is flipped a few times, the bearing can be heated evenly; and the power is also high; regardless of the size of the bearing can use this method heating.
2, bearing heating - electric furnace heating method:
The bearing is placed in a closed active temperature controlled electric furnace for heating; this method is uniform in heating and precise in temperature control; and it is heated quickly; it is suitable for a batch of heating of many bearings.
3, bearing heating - induction heating method:
This method uses induction heaters to heat the bearings to the required temperature quickly, securely and cleanly; this method is uniquely suited for applications where the inner ring is tightly cooperating; also because of the inner ring being heated; Very little heat; this makes it easier to fit on the shaft; it is also very simple to fit into the hole.
4, bearing heating - bulb heating method:
This method uses a 50W bulb to heat the bearing; it ensures that the heating temperature is around 100 °C; the smaller bearing can be placed directly on the bulb; the larger bearing can be placed in the cone of the bulb; The hood is designed to prevent the heat loss of the bulb; the heating is very uniform. The cone can also be adjusted up and down; within a certain scale, it can be adapted to heat bearings of different sizes. If it is a far-infrared bulb Pay attention to the direction of the light bulb should be down; to avoid infrared rays hurting the human eye. This kind of light bulb can save energy. The heating method of the light bulb is suitable for occasions where the number is small and the bearings are not often heated; The lower bulb can also be used as an illumination; in addition, no other equipment is required.
5, bearing heating - oil tank heating method:
This method is a widely used traditional heating method; the metal mesh is placed 50 to 70 mm from the bottom of the oil groove; the bearing is placed on the net; the large bearing is also hung with a hook. The bearing is not suitable for direct placement in the groove. The bottom part of the bearing to avoid touching the bottom of the bearing is heated too high; or the dirt deposited at the bottom of the groove enters the bearing. The key points of the oil groove heating method are as follows: the non-corrosive thermal stability should be used. Mineral oil; the best is to use transformer oil; oil and container should adhere to better hygiene. The capacity of the oil tank should be determined by the size of the heated bearing and the amount of oil; if the container is too small; in successive operations In the middle; once placed in the bearing oil temperature will be quickly reduced; the effect will be poor.
Second, the key to the bearing heating device method:
岢 岢 鹊 鹊 鹊 鹊 露 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 刂 暮芎茫 暮芎茫 暮芎茫 暮芎茫 暮芎茫 暮芎茫 暮芎茫 暮芎茫 咧岢 咧岢 咧岢 咧岢 咧岢 咧岢The inner diameter of the inner ring obtained by the heating temperature of 80 to 100 ° C is a large amount of thermal expansion; this amount is now sufficient for a bearing having a normal interference.
.Bao bad sauce 锼蟮 鹊 鹊 鹊 鹊 龋痪鸵 龋痪鸵 龋痪鸵 龋痪鸵 斓 斓 龋痪鸵 龋痪鸵 龋痪鸵 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓
常谥岢欣淙 淙 氖 氖 颍 颍 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 确 酰 酰 酰 酰 酰 酰 酰 酰 酰 酰 酰 酰 沽谌 沽谌 沽谌 沽谌 沽谌 沽谌 沽谌 沽谌 沽谌 沽谌 沽谌岢欣淙春笥眉〉Na呃 呃 鱿 鱿 虻サ 虻サ 虻サ 虻サ 觳猓 觳猓 觳猓 觳猓 觳猓 觳猓 觳猓 觳猓 觳猓 裨谀谌Χ嗣婧 裨谀谌Χ嗣婧 峒缰涑鱿 峒缰涑鱿 峒缰涑鱿 峒缰涑鱿 峒缰涑鱿 峒缰涑鱿
All in all; the demand for the bearing device is skillful, agile and precise.

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