The first intelligent alarm lock exchanged with WeChat stationed in Sichuan

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, the annual loss of households caused by burglary in China is over 100 million. The seemingly sturdy door is often fragile. According to the reporter’s visit, many families have suffered huge property losses, but also have elderly people or children. Being alone at home and being threatened by human beings, there are still many doors that have to choose to change the door directly after the door lock is shackled. The economic loss is self-evident.
Have you ever been anxious to lose your key and want to change the lock immediately to keep your home safe? Are you worried that the young children are leaving home alone and the elderly parents are going out to lock the door? In order to solve such problems, as the world's first alarm lock core with WeChat communication, Man Shenyun smart lock is stationed in Sichuan. In any situation in the home, Manshen Smart Lock will report to you in real time through WeChat and SMS, for living in the technological age. We have brought more convenient home security solutions.
In and out of the cloud push
"Mom no longer has to worry about my home being safe!"
Ms. Wang of Nanjing installed a set of Manshen smart locks for her home this year. Because she is too busy at work, she has no time to take care of her children’s school. Although the school has a unified “family education” software, it can record the children’s school time at any time, but go home specifically. Time can't be known, so Ms. Wang has a headache for a long time. Since I installed the Manshen smart lock on my home, I can send the child's home information in real time through WeChat or SMS through the pre-set number. This can solve a big problem for Ms. Wang. When does the child go out every day and when? Going home, whether to do homework on time after returning home, Ms. Wang is in charge.
Living in the age of technology, how can there be no intelligent real-time alarm lock? Ms. Wang’s home is a Manshen smart lock with the concept of subverting traditional locks. It is composed of the first encryption chip key, smart lock core, smart host, smart cloud and mobile client. This smart alarm lock can record the in-and-out track and push it to the cloud. All the unlocked door records are stored by the cloud for easy access. You can use the WeChat or SMS to understand the incoming and outgoing information, which is simple and convenient.
Intelligent monitoring remote alarm
The empty nest old man lives alone, and immediately reports a problem.
Nowadays, the number of empty-nest elderly people in Chinese families is rising sharply. Children are away from home, and parents or one side are alone at home. The safety and health problems of this family are believed to be of great concern to most people. And what can Manson Cloud Smart Lock bring to parents? First of all, Manshen can connect to the mobile phone client through the lock smart host to realize real-time push in the cloud. The owner can access the historical record at any time. Just like the family track recorder, let us know the living status of the parents and also pass the normal work in time. Pay attention to changes in parents. If the schedule changes, or if there is no news for several days, this is like a timely warning to help you go home to see if there is a sudden problem.
For the empty nest elderly, Manshen cloud smart lock is even more necessary. In addition to real-time control of the elderly's exit dynamics, remote alarms, Manshen cloud smart locks each key has a unique ID, the owner can control the use of the key through WeChat, to eliminate the security risks of the key lost. If you forget to lock the door or pull the key when you go out, the smart lock will immediately remind you to avoid worries; at the same time, if the parents go out, the owner can control the unlocking door with the mobile phone at any time, such as the hourly worker or the babysitter going out, or leaving the job. When the key is returned and the key is lost, the owner can remotely void the key without worrying about other hidden dangers.
Change "passive defense" to "active alarm"
Intelligent anti-theft solves the safety hazard of the home
Nowadays, the thief's modus operandi is “everyday”: the technical unlocking of the core, the dismantling of the panel, and the unloading of the cat's eye are simply unstoppable. As the first domestic Manshen cloud intelligent alarm lock that has passed the inspection and certification of the Ministry of Public Security to change the traditional passive protection of the lock cylinder as the active early warning defense, the ordinary security door can be turned into a smart security door by replacing only the lock core. When the technology unlocks, breaks the shackles, breaks the door, opens the door, and so on, the Manshen cloud smart lock can realize the local remote linkage alarm, 90 db whistle alarm on the spot, and remote group sending WeChat/SMS/telephone loop alarm You can listen to the phone, yell, scream the thief, and let him nowhere.
Manshen cloud smart lock brings real security to the common people, and realizes the intelligentization of the door lock through the encryption chip key, smart lock core, smart host, smart cloud and mobile client. This is a thief. The alarm lock that can not be opened, the police will inform the owner at the first time, and all the defenses against the door are realized on the door.
Manshen cloud smart lock is now facing the whole Sichuan and the city and state integrity investment, who will open the door of 8 billion wealth? On June 13th, Manshenyun Smart Lock will be seen in Chengdu New Century Convention and Exhibition Center!

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