The three major causes of the onset of hydraulic systems, Dalan Hydraulics tells you

The three major causes of fever, vibration and leakage of the hydraulic system are different. What is the specific performance? Dalan Hydraulics will tell you.
The three major causes of fever, vibration and leakage of the hydraulic system are different. What is the specific performance? Dalan Hydraulics will tell you.

1, fever

1Because of the different flow velocity of the hydraulic oil in the flow process, there is a certain internal friction inside the liquid, and there is also friction between the liquid and the inner wall of the pipeline, which are the reasons for the increase of the temperature of the hydraulic oil.

2 The increase in temperature will lead to an increase in internal and external leakage, reducing its mechanical efficiency.

3 At the same time, due to the higher temperature, the hydraulic oil will expand, resulting in increased compressibility, so that the control action can not be transmitted well.

4 Heat is an inherent feature of the hydraulic system, and it cannot be eradicated and can only be minimized. The use of good quality hydraulic oil and hydraulic piping should avoid the occurrence of elbows, use high quality pipelines, pipe joints, hydraulic valves, etc.

2, vibration

1 The impact due to the high-speed flow of hydraulic oil in the pipeline and the shock generated during the opening and closing of the control valve are the causes of vibration of the system.

2 strong vibration will cause errors in the system control action, and some of the more sophisticated instruments in the system will be wrong, resulting in system failure.

3 Hydraulic lines should be fixed as much as possible to avoid sharp bends. Avoid frequent changes in the flow direction. If it is unavoidable, you should take measures to reduce vibration. The entire hydraulic system should have good vibration reduction measures, while avoiding the influence of external vibration sources on the system.

3. Leakage

1 Hydraulic system leakage is divided into internal leakage and external leakage.

2 Internal leakage means that the leakage process occurs inside the system, eg: leakage on both sides of the hydraulic cylinder piston, leakage between the control valve spool and the valve body.

3 Internal leakage does not cause loss of hydraulic oil, but due to leakage, the established control action may be affected until it causes system failure.

4 External leakage refers to the leakage that occurs between the system and the external environment.

5 Hydraulic oil leaks directly into the environment, in addition to affecting the working environment of the system, it will also lead to insufficient pressure in the hydraulic system.

6 Use better quality seals to improve the processing accuracy of the equipment.

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