Under the dome, the coast of the Lijiang River, the Golden Knight wooden door Jiangxi Merchants Summit was held!

Passionately, the wind and rain are unimpeded

The continuous heavy rain in the south of the Yangtze River in mid-May clearly does not prevent the wooden door dealers from all over Jiangxi from gathering in Nanchang, participating in the Golden Knight “Win ​​in Change” dealer execution training conference and the Jiangxi Merchants Summit.

We are all giving dry goods!

The conference focused on marketing skills training and product strategy analysis, with the alloy knight to create a strategic decision for the Jiangxi model market, to provide real sales growth skills for Jiangxi dealer friends.

Jin Zongmen, the general manager of Golden Knight Wooden Door, personally went into battle, providing strategic analysis for nearly 100 dealers from the province, sharing terminal communication skills, in-depth explanation of common consumer problems, classic dialogue, and value-added income of wooden doors. The entire training lasted more than an hour and won applause from the scene.

Subsequently, the director of corporate marketing appeared, how to help the key players to give a speech on how to build the Jiangxi model market.

This is what we want!

After the training, a regional manager from the Weibei dealer’s deep feelings said that “I have participated in many door industry investment conferences, sharing meetings, training sessions, and the Fair has gone many times, but like In this way, the CEOs of the company are present, and the product advantages, development strategies, and marketing techniques are rare. There are both strategies and practicality, which gives us great confidence!"

Give the dealer a "fish" and give the dealer a "fishing"! Not only to give good products, good policies, good models to dealers, but also to give dealers good marketing ideas, marketing skills, so that dealers really make money, is the mission and goal of the Golden Knight!

The investment and training conference lasted for half a day, attracting nearly 100 dealers to participate, and the number of signings exceeded 70% in one fell swoop. This proves once again that Jiangxi is an feng shui treasure of ecological wooden doors and the main focus of the future development of the Golden Knight.

Sixth Yongkang International Door Industry Expo held a grand May 26, 2015, Golden Knight wooden doors, wooden doors of the first eco-fast fashion brand glory exhibitors, several new products on display, knight, just for lifestyle!

Please visit the 2015 Expo booth door: H Hall H3T16

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