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Life is colorful, refuse to stay the same. The sofa is the protagonist of the living room, it can highlight the personality and taste of the owner.


In most families in China, there is a large set of sofas in the living room, which is a bit out. The world is changing, and our home design must keep up with the rhythm. You only need to change your thinking, break the tradition, and mix and match sofas with different colors and different patterns, which is both cute and fashionable!


In China, the layout of many family living rooms is centered around the TV, and then the sofa is centered on the TV, and the sofas are arranged in a complete set of children, with a single color and style, and the sofa is facing the TV, which is not conducive to the emotional communication of the family , Especially if there are children at home, the layout of the living room creates conditions for children to watch TV, which will not only affect children's learning and expression, but also affect children's vision in the long run.

It is actually very simple to change this status quo. As long as we change the original traditional sofa layout, weakening the TV or even not using the TV will have a good effect.


The sit-down arrangement of small sofas, whether family or friends gather in the living room, can sit around the coffee table and chat together, drink tea and read a book.

There is no TV in this living room, two sets of sofas of different colors are placed face to face, and a casual single chair is placed next to it, placed around the coffee table, so that the family sitting together can easily create warmth and harmony Home atmosphere.


When buying a sofa, it should be based on your needs. If you have children at home, the combination of different small sofas will make the entire living room alive. The most important thing is that we can change the past without changing the center of the TV. Routines, you will find true ease and freedom.

If your living room area is not large, you can buy a small sofa for two as shown in the picture above, and place two wooden single chairs opposite the position. According to the needs of the living room scene, you can move the combination at will. ?

The combination of different materials and different colors of sofas breaks the traditional symmetrical set. The blue two-person sofa and two different-color single sofas are placed around the coffee table. At first glance, they feel a bit out of place. After careful taste, You will find how harmonious and interesting this living room is.


Design is closely related to people's lifestyle. Design can change or even create our lifestyle in the living room. This is not only the pursuit of the development of the times, but also our demand for a better lifestyle.

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