Ventilation butterfly valve how to prevent stuck

Ventilation butterfly valve is how to prevent the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the stuck case? The construction principle of this ventilated butterfly valve is directly related to it. Let's enumerate the design standards and structural dimensions of the ventilation butterfly valve.

Ventilation butterfly valve is mainly made of steel plate welding, with a short structure, light weight, easy installation and so on. Ventilation butterfly valve has small drive torque, flexible opening and closing, and easy operation. Vented butterfly valve body is provided with an oil seal retaining ring, there is no visible gap between the seal pair, the leakage rate is small. Large expansion gap between the ventilation butterfly valve and the valve body can effectively prevent the phenomenon of seizing due to thermal expansion and contraction.

DSM Decor Ceiling Tiles collections are modeled after original historical patterns and designs. Our artisans then hand carve an original piece. Being hand carved each piece is richly detailed with deep relief, sharp lines and a truly unique touch. That master piece is then used to create a mould master. Once the mould master is created we use our high density polyurethane foam to form each ceiling tile. The finished look is a beautifully detailed, light weight, solid construction, focal piece. The resemblance to original plaster tiles is achieved only by using our high density polyurethane and not vacuum formed, plastic type tiles.

Our Pu Ceiling Tiles have Various design and size to choose, This decorative element breaks up large ceiling surfaces and light up your room,and give you complete new decorative room!

You may also paint or draw Ceiling Tiles to match the furniture.

1. PU (Polyurethane) material is Eco-friendly materials
2. Lasts longer than MDF or wood mouldings.  
3. Designed for interior and exterior use.
4. Easy to install and will not crack, crumble, or warp.
5. Low cost: The surface painting is finished and installation time is very short, can be planned, sawed, nailed, and  glued  by yourself. 80% cost save than using wood and concrete.     
6. Fire-proof: Reach the standard of no combustion. 
7. Water-proof: No moisture absorbing, water permeation, and mildew arising.
8. Anti-erosion: Resist acid and alkali.
9. Light weight: good resiliene and tenacity, light and hard.   

10. Styles and Colorful: Different Colors and Types are available.

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