What are the characteristics of marble in white marble?

Marble is still very common in our usual decoration, and it is often used on various types of countertops and floors. However, with the development of society, marble has many colors, and white because white and clean atmosphere and very popular, but it also has the kind of white marble are many, the following types of white marble and features to give you One explanation, friends with doubts in this area can never miss it!

What are the types of white marble ?

1, Greek white marble

The marble of this species is mainly mined in Greece and has been widely used for several hundred years. Its color and color are many, high and close to pure white and pale.

2, Jazz white marble

This marble mining site is located at several different addresses, but both are located at Falakro Mountain. Jazz white marble has a normal white background color, but there are also other color textures, ranging from gray, black, brown, pink to purple.

3, Iceland white marble

Habitat is located in Namibia. The stones appear pale in color and are named after rhino horns and other types of pure ivory.

4, Queen White

The background color is white, some of the background color is green, and the gray color lines are more, but the contrast with the background color of the material is not too large. There are problems with colored lines in all basic materials. However, due to the unstable color, it is not suitable for large projects.

5, rose white linen

The background color is white, and the red is dotted with it, like a blossoming flower is present in it. In addition, there are many crystals and particles, and the particles easily fall off during mining. More suitable for the ground, walls, countertops and so on.

Second, the introduction of marble features

1. Marble is one of the best decorative materials in the current home. It is also the most used material in the home. It has good decorative properties. Marble does not contain radiation and bright colors, rich colors, is widely used in interior walls, The decor of the ground, especially the white marble, is beautiful both on the ground and on the wall.

2, marble in the performance of wear resistance in this area is very good, not aging, its service life is generally about 50-80 years, while non-conductive, non-magnetic, field stability and other characteristics, which is so popular marble One of the main reasons.

3. There are many places where marble is used in modern society, not only for home use but also for industrial use. Marble is widely used. Such as: for raw materials, cleaning agents.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is the introduction to the types and characteristics of white marble . In fact, from a commercial point of view, all calcareous rocks that are naturally formed and can be polished are called marbles, but not all marbles are suitable for all architectural applications. Therefore, we must first select and then find Corresponding stone is used so as not to bring a lot of problems in the future. It is not only time-consuming but also expensive.


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