What are the characteristics of Chinese-style homes? How much is Chinese decoration?

In the past, many people did not like the traditional Chinese-style home improvement and thought it was too cumbersome and too particular. But times have passed and retro trends have risen, and Chinese-style home improvement has become more and more popular. Compared with the gorgeous European style and French romance, it is more intimate, more simple and charming. Today, the editor of Qi Family will come to explain the characteristics of Chinese style home decoration , let's take a look together!

What are the characteristics of Chinese style home

1. Strong cultural background

Both its design philosophy and design elements are supported by our traditional culture and are closely related. This can be reflected from the design patterns of furniture and the design of decorative objects.

2. Strong sense of space

It pays attention to the sense of space, such as screens, mullions, hollow windows, etc. can enhance the sense of space in the living room, and show the level beauty of Chinese style.

3. Clever color matching

Most of its furniture uses wood color, and the color matching is also very clever. For example, sometimes the classic black and white gray is the main color, and then some bright colors such as red, yellow and green are used to match, which can not only enrich the color of the space, but also show the classic Charm.

4. Design is symmetrical

Like furniture, ornaments and other designs, it is symmetrical, elegant and elegant, mature and stable. Flowers, birds, fish and insects, calligraphy, calligraphy and painting, plaques, screens, antique porcelain, Bogujia, etc. are often used to highlight the Chinese style.

What is the budget for Chinese-style home improvement?

Generally speaking, the decoration cost of Chinese-style home improvement will be relatively high. For a 100-square-meter commercial house, its mid-range decoration price is about 30W. Of course, the decoration price in different urban areas and different decoration grades is different. The actual local price shall prevail. It is recommended that everyone should distinguish the primary and secondary when decorating, with some emphasis, so as to avoid blind decoration and at the same time help us save a lot of decoration costs.

Precautions for Chinese-style home improvement

When designing, we must master good color matching skills, and we must consider harmony and unity for hard and soft outfits. We can use more wood furniture with original wood color, the color can be mainly dark and calm, and at the same time add some decorations full of traditional Chinese culture, which can give the finishing touch, and at the same time, the Chinese style home can be decorated in a simple style. The beauty is revealed.

Editor ’s words: In short, Chinese style home decoration is not difficult, as long as we master some matching skills, we can design our beloved house! The above is the relevant knowledge about Chinese style home decoration explained by Qi family editor and everyone, I hope to give you some reference! For more related content, you can follow Qijia News!

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Chinese style home improvement

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