What are the common problems with LED displays?

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] With the expansion of security companies, some display screens have gradually become a household security product, let's introduce the common problems of LED display .
LEDs attach great importance to anti-static measures. The following are some instructions for static electricity and anti-static:
LED display
1. Source of static electricity: The static electricity sources that affect the circuit mainly include human body, plastic products and related equipment. Among them, the static power source from the use environment has the following items:
1) Objects and materials.
2) Floor, work table and chair.
3) Work clothes and packaging containers.
4) Painted or waxed surfaces, organic and fiberglass materials.
5) Cement floor, painted or waxed floor, plastic floor tile or floor leather.
6) Chemical fiber overalls, non-conductive work shoes, clean cotton overalls.
7) Plastic, box, box, bag, tray, foam pad.
2. Failure mode of electrostatic discharge: sudden failure and potential failure.
The electrostatic failure above 90 in the use environment is a potential failure, which shows that the electrical over-stress resistance of the circuit is weakened and the service life is shortened.
3, anti-static measures:
1) Training of static electricity knowledge and related technologies for personnel using static sensitive circuits.
2) Establish an anti-static work area, use static-discharge floor, anti-static workbench, anti-static grounding lead and anti-static device in the area, and control the relative humidity to 40 or above.
3) The damage caused by static electricity to electronic equipment may be released anywhere from the manufacturer to the field equipment. The hazard is caused by insufficient, effective training and equipment failure. LEDs are devices that are sensitive to static electricity. INGAN wafers are generally considered to be "first" susceptible to interference. And ALINGAPLEDSSHI "second place" or better.
4) ESD damaged devices can show dim, blur, extinction, short or low VF or VR. Equipment damaged by ESD should not be confused with electronic overload, such as: incorrect current design or drive, wafer attachment, wire shield grounding or packaging, or common environmental induced pressure.
5) ESD safety and control procedures: Most electronic and electro-optical companies have very similar ESDs and have successfully implemented ESD control, manipulation and main programs for their equipment. These programs have been used to detect quality effects because of ESD. ISO-9000 certification also lists him as a normal control program.
4, transportation and packaging
ESD sensitive equipment should always be stored in an antistatic bag or container during daily operation. This includes inventory of detailed catalogs, shipping and WIP. Prevention during transport includes the consumption of fleets, boxes or other equipment, such as with conductive wheels or drag-and-drop connections, where the ESD equipment is grounded.

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