What are the floor heating tube brand list?

What are the floor heating brand rankings? In today's rapid development of the floor heating industry, what determines the effectiveness of floor heating? Is floor or floor heating pipe? The answer is absolute. The use quality and installation technology of the floor heating pipe play a decisive role in the use effect and service life of the floor heating system. Someone recently consulted Xiaobian to warm up the brand list. Today Xiaobian introduced the rankings of the three floor heating pipes for everyone.

First of all, the top ten brands of floor heating pipes are Jinde Floor Warming Pipes. Jinde Pipe Industry Group is a large-scale enterprise group approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to provide high-quality pipe system products and comprehensive professional technology for global users. Services, and to "build a new global pipeline leading brand" as the goal! And cover water, heating, gas and other applications, and based on the new pipeline industry, is a versatile enterprise.

Secondly, the top ten brand names for floor heating pipes - Pauli floor heating pipe, Poly pipe has a flexible and easy construction, relatively good thermal conductivity, good recyclable environment, can be hot melt connection and many other advantages. It has been well received by the public. It has obtained the honorable titles of China's top ten brands of plastic pipe systems, Shanghai famous brand products, etc., and is escorting the quality of Poly Pipes. It can be said to be the leading company in the industry.

Thirdly, the top ten brand names for floor heating pipes are: Army Star Floor Heating Pipes. Junxing Steel Industry Group is a group high-tech enterprise that integrates new product development, import and export trade, and marketing. In the international community has a certain degree of visibility, and the company currently produces 14 major series, thousands of varieties of specifications, sales team is full of large and medium-sized cities throughout the country.

What are the floor heating pipe brand list? The above is the return of the floor heating pipe, in addition to Hongyue, Ruize, Jinniujiao and other famous brands, the above brand ranking in no particular order, are its quality and quality Recognition and affirmation. It is hoped that the above content will help everyone in choosing the floor heating pipe. If you want more in-depth understanding, you can consult experts on this site.

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