What are the selection methods of Mona Lisa tiles and Marco Polo?

Tiles are a decoration material that we will use in home decoration. The quality and color of the material can directly affect the overall effect of the home. Therefore, the quality of the tiles is still very important. There are many brands of tiles on the market. Mona Lisa tile and Marco Polo which is better it? today, we introduce the Mona Lisa tile and Marco Polo which is good correlation introduce it!

Mona Lisa Tiles and Marco Polo which is good

Mona Lisa tile is a well-known ceramic brand in China. It was produced and sold in Guangdong. In 2013, it was named the Top Ten Chinese Ceramic Brand. Why Mona Lisa? Because Mona Lisa's attitude to Da Vinci's treatment of works is integrated into this corporate culture, so that everyone feels the art of ceramic tiles and high quality.

The Marco Polo tile brand was founded in 1996. It can be said that it is one of the earlier ceramic brands in China, occupying the market with “cultural ceramics” and enjoying the reputation of “ancient brick supreme”. In 2013, it was named China's top ten ceramic brands. The company has more than 380 patents, its original research and development of independent design - "China Impression" series of products, will be the essence of traditional Chinese culture on the tiles, guide the design of the wind back to the Eastern Zen rhyme, by domestic and foreign consumers and experts extensive attention.

So which of these two brands is good? These two brands are also relatively good in the industry, so it is difficult to distinguish which one is better, both have their advantages, according to their own needs of the decoration style to choose the appropriate tile brand oh !

What are the methods of selecting tiles?

1. From the color point of view, the color of the tile is colorful, we have more common colors are beige white and pink, these colors are relatively soft, there are some black gray is also more commonly used color One of them, choose what you like to collaborate with.

2. The quality of the tile is also very important, the selection can be compared from the solidity of the tile, the tile is not very fragile within the product, if it is relatively poor quality is easy to break, so that in the normal use of the process One of them is flawed, so go for a good choice.

3. It is the choice of the style of the tile again, need to match the home environment when choosing the style of the tile, and the mutual correspondence on the furniture. According to your usefulness to choose, of course, also includes the style that you usually like to pay attention to, and whether these choices make you notice it.

4. The brand choice of tiles is also need to pay attention, you need to choose some of the more well-known brands, so the effect is also the best, in fact, usually they will pay more attention to the choice of ways, so that they can more easily do these problems, such as these What brands can learn first.

The above is the introduction of the Mona Lisa tile and the Marco Polo which are good for you and the selection of the tile. The quality of the tile directly influences the quality of our next life, so we must choose it! Hope that the above introduction can help To everyone.

Mona Lisa Tile Marco Polo Tiles

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