What do you think of the quality of eco-boards? Baoyuan plate to teach you!

What do you think of the quality of eco-boards? Baoyuan plate to teach you!

Whether it is home decoration or engineering decoration, we must carefully pay attention to several aspects when purchasing ecological panels:

1、Whether the surface of the ecological plate is smooth or not, place the plate in a dark place, and look at the long side at a 45-degree angle. Are there any unevenness and whether the three joints and the sand spot on the surface of the plate are obvious?

2. Look at the surface of the plate for dried flowers and wet flowers. After placing the air for a long time, there will be spotted and massive quality problems such as shiny crystals.

3, see the plate color is rich, whether there will be color or fade, with two plates stacked staggered in the sun under the sun for a few hours, see if the following plate has color;

4, see whether the plate will appear impregnated peeling phenomenon, decorative paper and wood will not appear in the case of sticking, with a strong glue on the square of every square decimeter stick to pull to see if the plate decoration paper pull off or use The hand buckles on the cross-section and can deduct the top decorative paper.

If the ecological plate after the home decoration plate deformation, plate cracking, bubbling and other phenomena, whether the quality of the plate is difficult to absolutely determine, in the use of decoration plate adhesive strength and substrate will also cause some late quality problems.

Baoyuan ecological board green environmental protection. The amount of formaldehyde released by Baoyuan Eco-Board reaches E0 standard, and the environmental protection performance is good. After being tested by an authoritative organization, formaldehyde emission is lower than the content of natural wood itself. It is a true green environmental protection sheet, comparable to natural wood.

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