What is the best soundproofing material in the bedroom?

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For those who live in the city, they must have a deep understanding of the noise. So what kind of material is the best soundproofing in the bedroom, we need a quiet living environment. So it is essential for soundproofing materials. Today we are around the soundproofing of the room. Good materials and interior sound insulation materials, I hope you can help!
In order to make the interior quiet, only work on the wall, then the sound insulation materials used in the home decoration are mainly concrete walls, brick walls, slat walls, thin-wall composite walls. Below we have a targeted introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of each sound insulation material, for your purchase.
What is the best soundproofing material in the bedroom?
What is the best soundproofing material in the bedroom?
Indoor sound insulation material, concrete wall
Concrete sound insulation is based on the thickness of reinforced concrete to determine the sound insulation, but the maximum will not exceed 2.4cm. In addition, the sound insulation effect at 1.5cm~1.8cm is at 48dB.
Indoor sound insulation material 2, block wall
Specifically divided into two parts: load-bearing and non-load-bearing blocks. The materials used are mainly sandstone, ceramsite, fly ash and slag. Sound insulation is still determined by the thickness of the turn. Generally, the sound insulation is below 40 meters.
Indoor sound insulation material three, slat wall
The strip wall with a thickness of 6 cm to 12 cm and an areal density of 80 kg per square meter can be soundproofed between 32 and 44 decibels with the advantages of light texture and convenient construction.
Indoor sound insulation material four, thin composite wall
The material is fixed on both sides of the keel to form a lightweight wall. His thickness is the same as that of the slat wall, but it is made of rock wool or glass wool, which is not only soundproof but also flame retardant. According to the thickness of the sheet, the effect should be about 50 yards.

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