What kind of cervical pillow to buy how to choose their own cervical pillow

Office workers cervical pillow is a good spine health care equipment, a good cervical pillow, not only can relieve neck and headaches, but also to improve your sleep. So what kind of cervical pillow to buy, how to choose for your own cervical pillow? Together to understand it!

What kind of cervical pillow to buy

The first, buckwheat pillow

Due to the unique structure of the buckwheat hull, the buckwheat pillow made is not easy to be deformed and has strong plasticity. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. The buckwheat husk has a clear brain and eyesight, which is helpful to insomniacs and dreamers. Moreover, long-term use of buckwheat hull pillows can eliminate brain fire, clearing of the body, migraine headaches, cervical spondylosis, and other neck and shoulder muscle aches and pains. symptom.

Second paragraph, wave pillow

The pillows of the wave pillow will have a wavy appearance. One side is high and one side is low, and one arc can support the cervical vertebrae, so that the user's cervical spine is well protected. However, before use, it depends on whether the height of this pillow is suitable for you, and the heights of supine and side lying are different. Therefore, you must look carefully at the time of purchase.

Third paragraph, down pillow

The third paragraph of the cervical pillow is the feather pillow that we often use. This kind of pillow is very soft and comfortable when sleeping. However, the pillow is too soft and easy to sink. Therefore, the choice of the height of the pillow is very important.

Fourth paragraph, memory pillow

Memory pillow is a kind of pillow that is very popular in the world nowadays. The memory pillow is actually a kind of slow rebound sponge similar to a wave pillow. It is comfortable to use, and it is of good quality, safe and environment-friendly, and its main function is to protect the cervical spine. it is good.

How to choose the right cervical pillow

1, selection

A good health care pillow can be different from the one we usually use. This is also unique in the cervical pillow. Cervical pillow is designed in accordance with the concept of ergonomics, when people sleep, the cervical vertebrae and the pillow closely fit, play a good supporting role for the cervical spine. However, it is important to choose a pillow that suits yours.

2, election high

In addition to the shape of the cervical pillow, the second is its height. Because we spend one third of our time on the bed in a day and eight hours of pillow use, the choice of the height of our pillow is critical. If the pillow is too high or too low, the height of the pillow may be more or less specific. You can try it on the spot and put your head on it to see if it will be uncomfortable.

3, comfort

The last point of buying a pillow is to look at its comfort. The pillow is an indispensable thing for us to sleep. A comfortable pillow will make your sleep quality much better. Therefore, when we choose a pillow, we can personally experience it. A good pillow does not feel any pressure when sleeping, but it can also effectively protect the cervical spine!

What kind of cervical pillow to buy, how to choose the content of your own cervical pillow introduced to this, I hope to help everyone! There are many types of cervical pillow , in the end which is right for you, you have to personally choose Oh.

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