Which fertilizers are not suitable for vegetables?

Some fertilizers can improve their quality and yield after being applied to vegetables. However, although some fertilizers can increase the yield after being applied to vegetables, they will cause pollution to vegetables and cause poisoning to consumers.
Ammonium nitrate and other nitrate nitrogen fertilizers are generally not suitable for application to vegetables. When the nitrate nitrogen fertilizer is applied to the vegetable field, the nitrate content in the vegetable is doubled. The nitrate is easily reduced to nitrite in the human body. The nitrite is a highly toxic substance and is extremely harmful to the human body.
Chloride fertilizers such as ammonium dichloride and potassium chloride are not suitable for application to tomatoes and potatoes. After the chlorine-containing fertilizer is decomposed in the soil, the ammonium or potassium ions are adsorbed by the soil or absorbed by the vegetables. When the concentration reaches a certain level, the roots of the vegetables are poisoned, and the vegetables may be seriously killed.
The clover vegetables are not sprayed with nitrogen fertilizer. The vegetable leaves are sprayed with nitrogen fertilizer. After the ammonium ions are in contact with air, they are easily converted into acid ions and absorbed by the leaves. In addition, the leafy vegetables have a short growth period, and it is easy to accumulate nitrate in the leaves. Therefore, avoid spraying nitrogen fertilizer on the leaf surface of leafy vegetables.
The application of micro-fertilizers in four vegetables can promote high-quality and high-yield vegetables, but the demand for trace elements in vegetables is extremely small. Excessive application of micro-fertilizer not only causes waste, but also is toxic to crops and pollutes the environment. The amount of ferrous sulfate per acre should not exceed 3.25 kg.

The amount of pentagonal manganese sulfate and manganese chloride per month cannot exceed 2.05 kg. Copper sulfate should not exceed 2 kg per mu. Borax and boric acid should not exceed 1.25 kg per acre.

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