Yan Li dry concrete spraying machine operation process and precautions

What is the operation flow of dry concrete spraying machine? What are the precautions for safe operation of dry concrete shotcreting machines? Dry type concrete shotcreting machine models mainly include PZ-5 type, PZ-6 type, and PZ-7 type. The Henan Yuli spraying machine manufacturer analyzes in detail the operation process and precautions of the PZ series dry concrete spraying machine. Hopefully, It is helpful for safe operation of dry concrete shotcreting machine.
1. Preparation The dry concrete shotcreting machine shall be installed in a stable and safe place on the top wall surrounding rocks, and the gap between the rails shall not be less than 0.5m. Connect the wind and water pipelines. The feeding pipeline shall be straight and shall not have sharp bends. The joints shall be tight and no leakage of air shall be allowed. It is forbidden to use non-static antistatic plastic tubes as conveying tubes. Check whether the spraying machine is in good condition, and put the electricity into no-load test run. Tighten the friction plate tightly. No air leakage will occur. Before blasting operations, high-pressure feng shui must be used to flush the rock surface, and thick markings should be installed on the vault and the two gangs of the roadway. Spray operators must wear complete and effective labor insurance supplies.
2. Operation procedure of dry concrete spraying machine (1) Before the spraying operation of the dry concrete concrete spraying machine, the old belt should be firstly laid on the spraying site to collect the rebound material, and the rebound rate should not exceed 10%.
(2) Open water, open air, adjust the water volume, keep the wind pressure not lower than 0.4MPa, the water pressure should be higher than the wind pressure by 0.1MPa, and the amount of water added should be controlled by the shooter's experience. The water-cement ratio is 0.4.
(3) The sprayer operates the spray head and flushes the rock face from top to bottom.
(4) Power transmission, spraying machine, spray gunning.
(5) Adjust the amount of feng shui again according to the feeding conditions to ensure that there is no dry spot on the spray surface, no runny, strong adhesion and less rebound material.
(6) The sprayer sprays in sections in the order from the bottom to the top of the wall.
(7) When spraying, the sprayer should be sprayed as far as possible vertically, and the included angle should not be less than 70 degrees.
(8) When spraying, the trajectory of the nozzle should be in a spiral shape, with a diameter of 200-300mm, and a circle presses a semicircle to move evenly and slowly.
(9) The thickness of shotcrete shall be 50-70mm at a time, and it shall be repeated in time. The interval between double sprays shall not exceed 2 hours. Otherwise, use high pressure water to re-flush the sprayed surface.
(10) Two persons shall be assigned. One person shall hold the spray nozzle, one person shall assist the lighting and be in charge of contact, observe the safety of the top guard and the quality of the spray.
3, dry concrete spraying machine shutdown operation (1) after the completion of the injection operation, according to the first stop the material, after the stoppage of water and then the final off the wind power sequence.
(2) After the spraying work is completed, remove the spray head, clean the water ring and the mortar or material inside and outside the sprayer, and wind up the wind water pipe.
(3) Clean up and collect rebound materials, and use clean materials in shifts.
(4) Sprinkling water began to cure after 2 hours, and core strength was measured after 28 days.
4. Precautions for the operation of dry concrete spraying machine (1) When spraying is divided, the double spraying should be carried out after the final coagulation of the former concrete. If spraying is performed after the final condensation for one hour, the surface of the spray layer should be cleaned with water. If there is an overcut or crack in the depression, it should be sprayed and then sprayed normally.
(2) It is forbidden to aim the sprayer at the person.
(3) During the injection process, if there is a failure such as blocking or stopping the wind and power failure, the water gate should be closed immediately, the showerhead should be placed down to prevent water from flowing into the feed pipe, and the tapping method should be used to dispose the feed pipe when handling the blocked pipe.
(4) Spraying personnel should wear dust masks, latex gloves and glasses.
(5) After the spraying of the spraying machine is completed, the spraying layer will be sprayed once every 7 days, and once every 7 days, it will be sprayed once a day for 28 days.
(6) The sprayer operator must be specially trained to be familiar with the performance structure and working principle of the sprayer, and be able to eliminate general faults and carry out routine maintenance and maintenance.
(7) The air inlet of the sprayer is sealed well to prevent the air from blowing dust; the air outlet is unimpeded and the exhaust gas is discharged smoothly; the spray pipe joint is firm, well-sealed and neatly arranged.

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